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AAA-Software E-zine #1


Editor's note

Dear subscriber,

Welcome to the 1st issue of the AAA-software e-zine.
I hope you downloaded your free gift from my web
site, and enjoyed it.

In this first edition you'll get a fine selection of all the
latest byte ware that's around on the net. If you have
a software tip that you'd like to share, please don't
hesitate, and send it to me.

Thanks again for subscribing, and enjoy!

Don't forget to spread the word about this e-zine, ok?

The editor


Rooster Real Time Mail.

Always checking for New E-mail? Then you need
Rooster. This service notifies users of in box
activity even when you're not connected. The alerts
are delivered through the Rooster indicator that plugs
into a phone jack. When the birds eye is flashing
you have a message waiting see.


Word Recovery. FREE.

Imagine, you're working on an important document in
Word, and suddenly all the characters start dancing
on your screen. You have to reboot your system, and
loose all your hard work. But don't panic, now there's
Word Recovery from Concept Data. This software can
pick up your lost file, and fix it. It installs a 'Recovery'
button on your MS Word taskbar, and with a simple
click you restore the corrupt word document. The better
news is: this program is FREE! Concept Data has
a similar recovery software for Excel.


TextExtract v1.0.0 (538K) FREE.

Another program to fix corrupt data. TextExtract opens
all files, readable or not, picks out all the text strings
and saves them in a new file. Design and special
fonts will be lost, but you don't have to do the typework

///////////////////////SPONSOR AD///////////////////////////////

Net Detective - 4.0

This is an amazing new tool that allows you to find out
EVERYTHING you ever wanted to know about your
friends, family, neighbors, even yourself! It is completely
legal, and you can do it all in the privacy of your own
home without anyone ever knowing. Better than hiring a
private investigator.

Net Detective - 4.0 is compatible with all internet-related
software (AOL, Microsoft, Netscape, CompuServe,
AT&T, Mac WebTV etc.) Simple and easy to use.

Read more here:


AutoReply 1.0 (2 MB)

AutoReply gives Microsoft Outlook-users the ability
to automaticaly reply to incoming messages while
they're away on vacation. All incoming e-mails will be
sent a reply. Wait with installing before you leave,
because this program is only valid for 21 days, before


SureThing CD Labeler 2.0 (4,5 M) Shareware

The SureThing CD Labeler contains 10.000 images to
design your own covers for cd's, dvd's and other
media carriers. Free to use for 30 days.


Dope Wars (40 kB)

Dope Wars is a game based on Drug Wars, a famous
DOS-game from the 80's. Like in Drug Wars you have
to try to sell as much money as possible by dealing
drugs in 6 different area's in New York.
-A game for the nostalgic ones :-)


Cheater's Lair 3.0 (2,5 M)

Even if you don't know anything about hex-code, you
can still patch a program with Cheater's Lair. Included
are cheats for 700 games!


Cheat Informant 1.3 (101 kB)

More cheats! You'l never loose a game again, if you
use Cheat Informant, a database with more then
400 game cheats.


100 Proof Cocktail Planner 1.5 - (894 KB)

Cocktail Planner is an interactive party planner. This
program contains all the information you need to
start that ultimate feast, plus 72 recipes extra.


Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 (5,2 M)

Adobe Acrobat Reader is used to read Portable Document
Format (PDF) fles on the Internet. In this newest version
you'll find better color support and the posibility to
read Asiatic font types.


Tray Reminder

A small utility that sits in your system tray. You can
configure multiple alarms/reminders to go off at
defined times. Pick your favorite .wav for an audio alert,
a pop-up window also appears with what you are
supposed to be doing. A good idea for Internet junkies
to set an alarm after a certain period to cut the
cord for the night. :-)
Easy to use.


GetRight 3.3.3 (1.25M) Shareware

GetRight sets itself in the system tray when starting
Windows. If you're browsing the web, and want to
download a file, simply press the link, and let GetRight do
the rest. No need to worry when your internet connection falls
out, you can download the file from where you left when
you go back.


Netsonic v1.02 (762kb) FREE

Netsonic makes it seem like your draining data from a
T1 line -- if not faster! A gift from some higher-being!
The technology behind Netsonic is an incredibly
fast cache. Web pages you visit are stored on your
hard drive. You set how much space you'd like
to set aside. I use it, and it's fast!


Argentum Infophilia v0.60 (1.7M) W9x FREE

Is your collection of stamps, cd's or Chinese vases
growing out of hand? Then this is a handy database
to index everything you need.

///////////////////////BOOK TIP///////////////////////////

"Creating Web Pages for Dummies, Fourth Edition"

Want to get your business or passions on the Web
quickly, but haven't a clue where to start? This
addition to the Dummies series gets you publishing
in HTML in no time. The entertaining approach-- coupled
with quality tips and observations--make this title a wonderful
starting place for anyone interested in learning Web
design and development.

Plenty of informative sidebars focus on important topics
and a companion CD includes both Microsoft and
Netscape browsers, as well as trial versions of key
design programs you can use to create your online


Proxy v2.1 (500k) FREE

Set up your own network. This program creates a
proxy server, and let's you connect several PC's.
It's even free for 3 PC's.


MediaRing Talk 99 (3.0M) FREE

Chatting is one of the most popular uses of the net. Don't
forget that you can use your microphone and soundcard
to phone with your chatfriends. That is, if she/he also
has installed MediaRing Talk of course.


Sokoban v1.5 (1.3M) FREE

"Addiction? What's that?' I hear you say. Well, better don't
start this game. It's simple: move the balls with your man
via to the corridor to the depot, but don't lock yourself in.
No need to start the system again, after quiting the game,
like the installation suggests.


Site 4 Sore Eyes Freeware

The SiTE 4 Sore Eyes Freeware offers an unusual blend
of 100 unique original 3D animations, 300 original
backgrounds, and original 3D web titles, all free for
the web site designer. In addition there are extensive
links to free software and other graphic sites on the
web, a free add-your-link page, and variousother free
goodies for the discerning web viewer.


DreamCatcher (3.0M) Shareware

Dreamcatcher is a database for dreams. If you would like
to organize and catalog the dreams you have at night then
DreamCatcher might be the program for you. With
DreamCatcher you can save your dreams, add comments
to these dreams, enter properties to the dreams like: date,
title, theme, atmosphere, actors, category, consciousness,
control, reality. Includes full install/uninstall features.


TextToGif vv1.0b [265k] FREE

How easy would it be to type a text, choose font type and color,
and then save it as a gif-file? Well, this is exactly what
TextToGif does. In an snapyou've got something worth while
for publishing on your website...


HTML Font Colorizer.

Makes it possible to generate font fades within a few seconds.
You just write your text, select the start color and end color, and
then click Colorize.,22,home-49258,501000.html


Reptile FREE

If you want to make backgrounds you have to try out this
program. It's easy to use, and loaded with features.


Iomega Photoprinter v1.0 [1.1M] -FREE

Resize your digital photos (from wallet size to 8x10) for
printing in full color on photo-quality paper.


"Mule Variations"
Tom Waits

Waits's first new record in six years sounds like a greatest
hits collection, though none of the songs here have seen the
light of day. Rather than reimagine himself, Waits dredges
through his own fakebook; each song here could have
found a respectful place in one or many of his past albums.
Entirely excellent.



Add random taglines to your email/news messages.


ShutdownTimer 2.0 Shareware

ShutdownTimer ends windows sessions at predefined
times with different options.


Currency Converter. (Online-tool.)

Convert different types of currency into other.


20/20 Graphics and Images Program. FREE

This is an image viewer, capture and annotation program.
It also creates slide shows and generates thumbnails.
Similar to Paint Shop Pro, with filters and effects, and you
can stretch, flip, rotate, mirror and many, many more features.


Net Vampire FREE

Net Vampire 3.01 is a powerful download manager. Drag
and drop or Alt-click links in the browser to schedule them
for download. The program will restart broken connections
automatically and continue where it left off until it
receives the whole file.


Grafula 1.1

Add-on to Net Vampire 3.01 that allows you to download
and view all images from an entire web site all at once.


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