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AAA-Software E-zine #11

AAA-SOFTWARE E-ZINE #11, March 2000

----- Editor's note -----

Hello again!

A warm welcome to all the new readers (and we have
a lot of them!) and thanks for reading us again to all the

I have been getting requests from Mac users to include
Macintosch software in my E-zine. A lot of computer users
are on the Mac platform, and they also like a free piece
now and then, so I have decide to give it a go.

Of course, most software these days is made for Windows
PC's, and the majority of software tips here will be for that
popular operation system, but our Mac friends can expect
a tip in every issue.

Yep, I am a real democrat -as long as I can be the boss
of course :-)

Enjoy your software!

The editor,

Send comments or great software tips to:


PS: I have updated my 'Web Site and E-zine Promotion
for Idiots" E-book. It is available for FREE from:

-Tip: Instead of always downloading the FREE demo, why
not try the DeLuxe version for once? This would make me
very happy :-)



- A Smaller GIF
- MP3 Mag-Net Freeware
- PlayerPro
- ReGet
- MacVision
- MoonWalker Cacheman
- Clipboard Pile
- Internet Intercom
- Text2Html
- PaperQuote
- AlbumToolkit
- Give Me Talk
- Restart Windows
- BigFix
- NetCalendar
- CoolBar Animator
- Soft Karaoke

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* A Smaller GIF

Reduce the size of your animated GIF's without affecting
their appearance. A Smaller GIF can also view animated
GIF's in a special viewbar. Download an unregistered copy,
and follow the online tutorials to get started. It's easy!

* MP3 Mag-Net Freeware

Stop spending hours online, looking for the latest MP3 track!
Mag-Net eliminates the need to visit many MP3 sites, sporting
the ability to simultaneously query popular MP3 search engines
such as Lycos, Kermit, AudioFind, Look4MP3, AstraWeb, and
MusicSeek and return results on a single page. Mag-Net also
gives you the option of selecting only those engines that return
satisfactory results. With one click, you can even instruct Mag-Net
to launch repeated download attempts for a file, and you can
easily copy the target's server, port, and login details to the
clipboard for ready pasting into your favorite FTP client.

* PlayerPro (Macintosch only, 1.2 MB) Freeware

This sound tracker originated in the Amiga world back in the old
days. Create, edit, and display multiple tracks of simultaneous
sound with MIDI instruments, and your Mac's sound creation and
editing capabilities. PlayerPro uses the compact MOD format in
work mode, but you can also import sound files from a wide variety
of formats, including MIDI, WAV, AIFF, AIFC, MPEG, and more.
A commercial version is also available.

* ReGet (799 Kb) Freeware

A fast download manager: user-friendly setup and user interface,
broken downloads resuming, proxy-servers support, easy integration
to your system, dial-up integration, download queuing and extensive
logging, 15 interface languages support.

* MacVision Freeware

MacVision lets you modify the appearance of your Windows OS
so that it looks, acts and feels just like a Macintosh running under
OS8. Instead of using the old Windows taskbar, you can use the
fully functional MacOS Finder bar. Everything looks, works, and acts
as it would on a Mac, right down to the flickering of the menu
items when selected on custom made MacOS-style menus.

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* MoonWalker 2000 (972 Kb) Freeware

Get easy access to all bookmarks and favorites from Netscape,
Internet Explorer and Opera browsers. MoonWalker also allows
you to define your own lists of favorite folders and apps.

* Cacheman Freeware

Cacheman improves your system performance by reducing swap
file usage. The cause of slow running programs could be the fault
of the disk cache management of Windows, which takes up almost
all of the available physical memory. Cacheman saves your cache
settings to a configuration file.

* Cliboard Pile (2.8MB) Adware

This great Clipboard manager stores the contents of the Windows'
Clipboard so it can be retrieved. But unlike other managers, this
one includes graphics too! On top of that, it displays both text and
graphics in its dual pane screen. Create a series of messages and
quickly paste them into your letters or documents. There's even a
"glue and paste" and "search" tool. The interface is easy to use.
This is one of the best Clipboard managers around!

* Internet Intercom (1.3MB)

Internet Intercom allows you to talk live over the Internet. Supports
both ICQ users and direct point to point connections. Works like a
home intercom system. Easy to install and use. High quality voice.
Unlike other voice chat products, Internet Intercom is designed to
work exceptionally well over very slow dial up connections as well
as high speed direct connects.

* Text2Html Freeware

Text to HTML converter converts text files into HTML files.
Options to change default HTML attribute colours. Limited
file management.

* PaperQuote (1.3M) Freeware

PaperQuote 2.0 is a free Internet utility that automatically
gives you a new desktop wallpaper and a famous quote
every day of the year. With the software you get two free
wallpaper and quote channels that deliver 365 stunning
images in each channel. Features include automatic
daily downloads, desktop matting colors, a favorite quote
list, an innovative screen saver, support for third party
channels, and more.

* AlbumToolkit (2.5MB)

Album Toolkit is a great program for those who have a digital
camera, scanner, and many digital photos. With Album Toolkit,
you may browse photographic files and print photographics as
a catalog, thumbnails, or any size you like. Drag and Drop support
and Winows Popup Menu. Create a printing layout with the layout
wizard. Also sets the shape of the picture, adds shadow and a
frame to the picture. You could also save your layout setting.

* Give Me Talk

This free service lets you create your own Internet radio station.
All the details to start are on this web site:

* Restart Windows (15KB) Freeware

A handy tool to reboot Windows with a 5-second safety margin.
Programs grab system resources and memory and don't release
them fully when they close. After a few hours, the system becomes
unusable and needs a reboot. This tool will do it for you!

* BigFix (2.1MB) Freeware

You better fix bugs and viruses before they attack your PC.
BigFix looks for possible problems in your PC, and provides
automated solutions. Safe yourself against all kinds of bugs,
and attacks from the bad outside world!

* NetCalendar (1.4 MB)

Publish a complete customized HTML event calendar on your
web site, with Grafix NetCalendar v2.0. Keep everyone apprised of
upcoming events, holidays, meetings or anything else you can
think of, with great interactive web pages. Simple to use, just
enter event information and NetCalendar automatically creates
all the needed HTML web pages and links for you. Your pages
will beperfectly formatted, linked, and ready to use. Perfect for
communities, businesses, events, associations, clubs,
newsletters, press releases etc.

* CoolBar Animator Freeware

Create an animated startup logo for your Windows95/98 in one
minute! Simply load your bitmap, select the colors and install
new logo with animated color bar. CoolBar Animator is small
& nice utility with easy commands.
Get it from here:

* Soft Karaoke Shareware

Here's an ideal program for your next party! Play Karaoke on
your own computer system!

=========SPREAD THE WORD============

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someone each week on the internet by participating
in a forum, newsgroup, email etc. or send/forward
this newsletter to a friend.

The internet is for "Free" information and that's
what makes it so great!

The more everyone gives, the better everyone is...

Best of Luck to you and your Web Site!

Thank you for reading the 'AAA-Software E-zine'. Hope you
have found something of value in this bulletin.

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