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AAA-Software E-zine #12

AAA-SOFTWARE E-ZINE #12, April 2000

----- Editor's note -----

Dear subscribers!

I'm sorry for being so late with this issue, but that's
because I had to wait for the ad swap service that I
participate in for their ads to come in.

So don't blame me for being over time, ok?

Too make it up, I have selected the most exciting
free- and shareware programs that I could lay my
hands on.

Next month I'll try to make it on time, because I know
you are all looking out for this E-zine... I may hope :-)

Thanks for your patience, and enjoy your software!

The editor,

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- Energy Ball
- Jingle Keyboard
- ViruSafe Web
- DigiClock
- South Park Solitaire
- PandoCalendar
- Maggi
- Alphie (Macintosch)
- Font Junkie
- Internet Graphics Finder
- ZipNAll
- Screentaker
- Smart Mute
- Memoirs2000
- EzPop
- IRC Toons
- BOA Bassdrum Synth
- Talking Animated Greetings
- Promote and manage eZines
- CoolTick: Stock Ticker

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* Energy Ball v1.1 (3.6MB) Freeware

This fast arcade game lets you control a glowing ball full of
explosive energy. With multiple levels, powerups and bombs,
Energy Ball is great fun and highly addictive. If action/arcade
games are your stuff, then this one is for you.

* Jingle Keyboard v2.0 (595KB)

Want to be amused when you're typing? Jingle Keyboard
plays a .wav file every time you press a keyboard or mouse
key, making it sound like an old typewriter. You can select
between different sound schemes. C'mon, play on :-)

* ViruSafe Web v4.06 (2.3MB) Freeware

ViruSafe Web starts up when you download a file from your
browser, and then scans the downloaded file. If it detects a
virus then you will be asked to delete the file. Scans can be
made on programs, .Zip files and Word documents.

* DigiClock v2.6 (266KB) Freeware

DigiClock is a 24-hour desktop clock with different backgrounds
for the different times of the day. Images and text colors are fully
configurable. Including a full screen digital clock "screen saver".

* South Park Solitaire (522kb) Freeware

Play solitaire with the entire cast from South Park. It has 12
unique decks to choose from and allows you to play the
game in Standard mode or Enhanced Vegas mode.

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* PandoCalendar (830 Kb) Freeware

PandoCalendar is a simple but attractive calendar. Over
100 window-frame designs, and the interface colors and
fonts are all customizable. A basic planning feature lets
you add notes to all your dates.

* Maggi 2.0 Freeware

See how you would look with blond/black/brown hair. Or
with blue eyes. Or a short cut. Maggi lets you view yourself
in 300 stylish and fashionable hairstyles. You can also see
how they will look with different color makeup or another eye
color. Then print out your creations for your amusement or
future reference.

* Alphie (Macintosch) (1MB) Freeware

Here's a Macintosch program for your kids. Alphie provides a
fun, interactive way to encourage practice on the Mac. Users can
employ a mouse or pen to trace or copy letters of the alphabet,
which can be displayed in any of the four editable fonts included
with the program or in specialized fonts that you create yourself.

* Font Junkie

If you like fonts, you probably have hundreds of them spread
all over your hard disk. The problem is how do you see what
you have. Get this great shareware program and unearth
those hidden treasures on your hard drive.

* Internet Graphics Finder 3.1 (3.51MB) Demo ware

You can now easily find, extract, view, print and save pictures
from the Internet. Images are downloaded and viewed as
thumbnails, and you can view them in the Viewer or in your
Web Browser, and then print or save them to your PC.

* ZipNAll 4.33 (1.7 MB) Freeware

This great compression program supports many file types
including ZIP, RAR, LZH, LHA, AE, ARJ, CAB, TAR, GZ, and
UUE. For fast and easy compressing/uncompressing:

* Screentaker (591 KB) Shareware

A simple and configurable tool for getting snapshots of
your desktop. It can be configured to take a snapshot of
the entire screen, top window, client area of top window
(top window without frame and title bar), or rectangle
with a predefined size.

* Smart Mute (360KB) Freeware

This tray application has several functions aimed at a person
who sits in front of his computer all day. Handy if you don't want
50 tray icons on your desktop. Plays a sound after idle inactivity,
or keystroke logging.

* Memoirs2000 Pro v2.03 (1.62MB) Freeware

Store and arrange all your text-based information in a tree form.
Many possibilities; to-do lists, recipes, project notes, personal
contacts, bookmarks, reports, etc. The program can also be
used as your personal diary or personal information manager.  

* EzPop v2.5 (748KB) Freeware

This skinnable e-mail/news tool notifies you when you get
mail with a mailbox image, a sound and/or a pop-up window.
Filters messages and avoid spam or huge attachments, and
lets you check your mail between 1 and 99 minutes, IP and time
display, tray support, a notepad, alarm sound, header only
retrieval and more.

* IRC Toons v1.2 (1.2MB) Freeware

This is an animated, interactive Internet chat program. Users can
create a character by assembling different body features and
colors. Gives access to thousands of chat rooms. In these rooms,
users use their characters to chat, walk around, shake hands, hug,
kiss and perform other interactions. IRC Toons is a great way
to meet new people, chat with friends, and spend time exploring
on the Internet.

* BOA Bassdrum Synth Freeware

BOA Bassdrum is a software synthesizer which simulates a
variety of bassdrum sounds. It can write to a .wav file many
different sounds can be created by experimenting with the
amplitude and frequency settings. There is also a Harmonic
option which can add real ooomph to your sounds.

* Talking Animated Greetings (4.7MB) Freeware

This is an exciting tool allowing you to send Talking Animated
Greetings to your friends and family via the Web. It features
cool animated characters, and you decide what they'll say,
which animations they'll perform and much more. Comes with
a variety of built in greetings, jokes, stories and more. Easy to
use and the results will amaze your friends. It works with the service, to deliver your greetings via E-mail.

* Promote and manage eZines (1.3MB) Freeware

This tool promotes, formats, and manages your eZines and
email newsletters. The biggest headaches of an eZine
publisher are promotion, text formatting, (until now one had
to put in hard line breaks manually), and management of
content. eZine Assistant makes short work of all.

* CoolTick: Stock Ticker. (75KB) Freeware

CoolTick is a small ticker without advertisements, showing
scrolling stock symbols with a variety of customizable data,
such as: price, change, open, close, high, low, and volume.
Other options include: update frequency, custom stock list
and scroll speed, plus more. Clicking the scrolling symbol
will take you to a detailed quote page. Check your favorite
stocks in a matter of seconds!

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