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AAA-Software E-zine #13


----- Editor's note -----

Hello again!

Welcome to all our new readers. There have been a lot of
new subscriptions because
made it last Monday as:

You know that I have 2 E-zines (Weird Side, and this one)
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Enjoy your software!

The editor,

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- Gymnast
- TextSpy
- DesktopShield
- MP3 PopUp!
- BetterAlarms (Macintosch)
- ScreenFIRE
- Rob Blanc
- Bob the Fish (Macintosch)
- 3D GIF Designer
- Metapad
- Ulead SmartSaver Pro
- Alphatris
- LiveSite
- Yahoo! Messenger
- Operation SpaceHog
- Automatic Wallpaper Changer


* Gymnast (Freeware)

This used to be shareware but now it's free. Convert text
to .pdf files without the expensive Adobe Acrobat software.
(Priced over $300!) Gymnast converts for free:

* TextSpy

Have you ever wanted to see what was in a subdirectory
without having to open the subdirectory and scroll through
the list. TextSpy has made this possible with a popout
subdirectory search tool. With TextSpy, you are no longer
required to open a popup window, just to switch to another
file. It is now right there on the screen. Download from:

* DesktopShield 2000 (3.6MB) Freeware

DesktopShield secures your PC when you are not using it by
locking the desktop. The screen screensaver automatically
locks the screen. Leave your PC without locking it and it will
be automatically locked when the screensaver is activated.
One of the better security systems around:

* MP3 PopUp!

Scan all your MP3 on all your drives and make them playable
with one click. Trayicon is white when there's no mp3 in list, red
while scanning, green when ready. Select "+Dir" for list by directory,
"+Subdir" for subdirectory, "Play" or "Enqueue" (Enqueue add
selected MP3 to Winamp Playlist). Choose one or all drives
then click on "Scan"Save settings on exit, Scan on startup.

* BetterAlarms (350 KB) (Macintosch)

This easy program will remind you of important events. It sets
alarms to remind you to take a break, take the cookies out of
the oven, or call someone on their birthday.

* ScreenFIRE

A fast instant messenger with buddy lists, IRC style
conferences that are easy to create and use, and
full file trasfer capabilities.

* Rob Blanc I (DOS -suitable for Windows) (853 KB) Freeware

"Rob Blanc I: Better Days of a Defender of the Universe" is a
sci-fi adventure game. You are selected to defend the universe
and in this first chapter you must find out what happened to
the Reman flagship Luminous which disappeared.

* Bob the Fish (7MB) (Macintosch)

Did you wait for a cool Mac game with great graphics and sound?
Here it is! Bob the Fish has been touted as the game for the Mac!
It has over 50 levels. In one level you have to smash all the PCs
with a sledge hammer, in another you have to race Speedy, or try
to save your dog from space aliens, etc. See it to believe it!

* 3D GIF Designer v2.1 (1.7MB) Freeware

3D GIF Designer produces high-quality animated 3D pictures,
titles, banner ads and buttons. You can create animations from
your own pictures and easily add 3D text and shapes. You can
add unlimited number of 3D text strings or design your own
animation from over 30 professional templates, and save as
animated GIF or AVI movies. Files can be optimized too.

* Metapad (21KB) Freeware

This is a nice alternative for Notepad. It has many extras, and
it's installed on your hard disk before you even realise it.

* Ulead SmartSaver Pro v2.0 (5.3 MB)

Ulead SmartSaver is also a web-graphics optimization tool. You
can adjust the quality and compression to create a smaller file
without losing quality. SmartSaver assists you in creating HTML-
image maps. Generate any shape hotspot over your images in
seconds, even across sliced image cells, and then output the
corresponding HTML code to either a file or the Windows clipboard.


"Slow Net Connection? Let Turbo Surfer speed it up!"

Do you know that you can surf the web 220% faster without
buying a new PC or modem or fiddling in your machine!?

Turbo Surfer 2000 gives you blistering fast web speed!
Check the "before" and "after" pics and see the impressive
speed difference for yourself:


* Alphatris v2.30 (4.12MB) Freeware

This is a Tetris-style word game in which players must create
words by moving falling letters before the screen fills with unused
letters. English, French, Italian, and Spanish versions. Good
graphics and animation and very addictive:

* LiveSite v2.0.3024 (15.9MB) Freeware

An easy Web site creator that allows individuals and small
businesses to create and publish many types of Web sites
in minutes.

* Yahoo! Messenger (1.3Mb) Freeware

Yahoo Messenger (formerly known as Yahoo Pager) allows you
to send messages to your friends when they come online. You
are also notified when you have new mail in your Yahoo Mail or
Yahoo Personals account, or when you have a meeting in Yahoo
Calendar. This new version includes allows you to conduct voice
chat sessions.!+Messenger

* Operation SpaceHog v1.0 (11.5MB) Freeware

This is a horizontal scrolling shoot'em up game for one or
two players. Control your small ship in a battle against
horrible odds.

* Automatic Wallpaper Changer v2.1.5 (40KB) Shareware

Automatically change the wallpaper to a random selection.
Supports many file formats with user configuration such as
folder(s) to use and time between changes.

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