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AAA-Software E-zine #14

AAA-SOFTWARE E-ZINE #14, June 2000

----- Editor's note -----

Hello again!

Good to see you're here again. And to all the new faces,
welcome to this newsletter!

I don't know if you like cooking. I do, but unfortunately,
I don't always have enough time to do it... until I came
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This electronic book contains tasteful recipes for everyday
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-Note: You'll need Win 95/98/NT and IE 4.0 or higher to use
this software. Sorry, Mac users, but to make it up with
you, here's a link that has lots of Apple software:

Enjoy your software, and good appetite! :-)

Your editor,

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- WafToWay (Macintosch)
- EmptyDrive
- Checknique
- The Font Thing
- Gator
- Cetus CNotepad
- Just a Reminde
- Jerboa
- Notewonder
- Stay Live 2000
- Shimmer
- Organizer 3000
- AmazingMail EZ-Pix
- Surfsaver
- Organizer for Audio/Video/CDs

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Net Detective 2000 saves you time and aggravation when it
comes to background searching. You can now find unlisted
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* WafToWay (Macintosch) Shareware

WafToWay is a utility which displays process memory
usage in a color coded bar, on the side of the screen.
Each process is represented by a different color, and
allows the user to see which part of memory is being
occupied by the process. WafToWay also lets you
manually or automatically quit one or all running
processes. $10 if you decide to keep it.

* EmptyDrive 4.0 (108 KB)

Shut down Windows, and this tool will notify you should
there be a floppy disk, CD-ROM, or any another piece of
removable media in its respective drive.

* Checknique v4.3 Freeware

Finally, you can instantly accept and deposit customer
checks via phone, fax, or the Internet using nothing
more than your existing PC, printer, and this software.

* The Font Thing 0.80 (1.1MB)

This program manages TrueType fonts. Font Thing can
browse installed and uninstalled fonts, browse fonts in
subfolders as a single combined list, view sample text
and individual characters in your choice of colours

* Gator Freeware

This free online tool eliminates frustrating web chores
like filling out forms and remembering passwords. Gator
safely stores your personal data in an encrypted file on
your hard drive. Handy, so get it!

* Cetus CNotepad (1.1 MB) Freeware

If you use your Windows Notepad often, you'll be glad to
know that there's a free program offering you Notepad
including a toolbar, and a spell checker. Or not?

* Just a Reminder 1.4 (1.3 MB)

A free appointment list reminder utility, designed to be
artistic and attractive as well as very easy to use.

* Jerboa 0.8, Size 774k

Jerboa tracks mouse movements and recognizes signs.
When user holds down right mouse button and draws a
sign with mouse Jerboa executes a script binded to that
particular sign. You don't have to use your START menu

* Notewonder Shareware

Do you routinely jot down telephone numbers, addresses,
appointments, ideas, URLs, etc., only to forget about them?
Do you often remember writing something down, but can't
remember the details or where you put it when you really
need it? Do you find PIMs too complicated for note taking?
Note Wonder™, the first note browser program designed
not to clutter your valuable Windows desktop space, can
solve all of these problems and much more.

* Stay Live 2000 2.3, Size (71k)

Stay Live 2000 keeps your Internet Dial-Up Connection
active and on-line by periodically sending a small TCP/IP
packet to one of the many Atomic Clocks maintained by the
US Government.

* Shimmer v3.0 (80KB) Freeware

Shimmer makes it possible to leave your computer, preventing
the screensaver, or other software, coming on by making the
mouse 'shimmer'. A 1 pixel movement just gives the cursor
the 'shakes'. Get it at:

* Organizer 3000 (3.8MB) Freeware

This is an easy to use personal organizer, similar to a paper
organizer, and its features include: Daily plan, address book,
to-do list, repeated events, user information, sticky notes.
Additionally, the user can use the search facility to find info
stored in the database. Organizer 3000 enables you to enter
all the important events, meetings and appointments. It can
also act as a daily planner.

* AmazingMail EZ-Pix

This is a simple, free utility that will empower you to create
your own real, custom postcards using your own photos or
images. With EZ-Pix, any picture that appears on your screen
can be turned into a postcard image. With just a few clicks
of your mouse, EZ-Pix will create and upload your postcard
image automatically. Then, log in to, and
send your first real postcard for free.

* Surfsaver (8MB) Freeware

This browser add-on lets you save important facts, figures,
news reports, and research into your Knowledge base. Once
you've compiled your Knowledgebase, you can browse
stored pages and add notes, comments, and keywords to
the pages you save. New features in version 2.1 include
added support for Netscape browsers, quicker save times,
improved file import capabilities, and more.

* Organizer for Audio/Video/CDs (350KB) Freeware

This tool can read your Audio CD/data CD-ROM and create
a database. Create new CD-ROM database from directory
of hard/floppy disk. Find in CDs and Find Next with non-modal
dialog. Support international language (English, Chinese, etc).
No registry involved, just delete it without any uninstallation.

=========SPREAD THE WORD============

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someone each week on the internet by participating
in a forum, newsgroup, email etc. or send/forward
this newsletter to a friend.

The internet is for "Free" information and that's
what makes it so great!

The more everyone gives, the better everyone is...

Best of Luck to you and your Web Site!

Thank you for reading the 'AAA-Software E-zine'. Hope you
have found something of value in this bulletin.

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