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AAA-Software E-zine #15

AAA-SOFTWARE E-ZINE #15, July 2000

----- Editor's note -----

Welcome again!

How are you doing? Since last week, my hometown (Bruges)
got invaded with Euro 2000 soccer fans from all over Europe.

And because we had the hottest June days of the century (no,
not this century, the last one :-) beer has been flooding heavily,
resulting in wandering zombies, singing soccer hymns, all
dressed up in their National colors...

Why did nobody told them that Belgium has some of the
strongest beers in the world? :-)

Okay, back to what this is all about... great software to make
your computing life more fun!

Enjoy this issue!

Your editor,



- FreeFax
- CleverClock
- Eprompter
- Kill Win
- PM View 2000
- TrigItUp
- PortalBar
- DigiClock
- Pixie
- Thotor
- Setting Sun
- CrosswordPlus
- IFAlbum
- Download Accelerator Plus
- AllThumbs
- ABCVideoRoll

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* FreeFax Freeware

Get your email, voice and fax messages anytime, anywhere
for FREE from the Internet or phone. Keep your existing email
address, phone number and address book. Send faxes from
your desktop, just as easy as printing a document. Voice mail
features include personalized greetings, password protection,
and remote retrieval. Easy to use and always FREE!  

* CleverClock Shareware

This is an amusing Windows desktop toy. Clever Clock tells
the time in human-friendly english phrases. But it doesn't
stop there, Clever Clock knows about the seasons, the phases
of the Moon, many special dates and even the Chinese years
to name a small selection. CleverClock has a strong sense
of humour and sometimes makes mistakes.

* Eprompter (962KB) Freeware

This email notification utility automatically checks up to 8
AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, and POP3 email accounts at the same
time, featuring a unique screensaver that lets you know at
a glance the current status of your selected email accounts,
whether your computer is online or offline.

* Kill Win (3.17 MB) Freeware

Shut down your PC with a simple click using this handy desktop
utility. The program sits in your system tray and lets you shut down,
restart, log off, and reboot your computer. Other features include
timer settings that alert you when an action is about to start, and
the ability to open DOS windows.

* PM View 2000 Shareware

This graphics tool supports every file format, TWAIN Support,
screen capturing and thumbnailing for when you need to find
a specific image but you have no idea what its filename is.

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* TrigItUp v1.0 (201KB) Shareware

This information manager is composed of 3 different utilities.
The first stores addresses and telephone numbers of people
to contact, the second is a diary to manage meetings and visits,
the third enables you to create your own collection of Web sites
and record a description for each of them.

* PortalBar (404KB)

PortalBar is a significant toolbar that simplifies your online
activities by storing, retrieving and serving your preferred news
headlines, your email, your bookmarks and a handy search
box all on one seamlessly integrated toolbar. Requires an
Internet browser and an internet-connected machine

* DigiClock (296 KB) Freeware

This advanced digital Clock program features a background
that reflects the time of day, an Atomic TimeSync functionality,
a full screen mode, full customization options, always on top
toggle, ability to load with Windows startup, snap to edge of
screen, alarm function, background pack support and more.

* Pixie v1.0 (206 KB) Freeware

Point this color tracker to the color and it gives the RGB,
hex and HTML-ready values of that color. Easy!

* Thotor v1.01 (282KB) Freeware

This thumbnail publishing tool creates thumbnails from your
pictures and reference them in an HTML document.


"Slow Net Connection? Let Turbo Surfer speed it up!"

Do you know that you can surf the web 220% faster without
buying a new PC or modem or fiddling in your machine!?

Turbo Surfer 2000 gives you blistering fast web speed!
Check the "before" and "after" pics and see the impressive
speed difference for yourself:


* Setting Sun (Macintosch Screensaver) Shareware

Now here's a great Mac screensaver. This shareware package
consists of a series of plug-ins that create stunning 3D effects
on your screen. Let your Mac take a wild ride on a roller coaster,
or let your monitor disappear in circles of water. You may evaluate
it free of charge for 30 days, after which you should register to
purchase your copy.

* CrosswordPlus v2.0.2 (2.7MB) Freeware

Like crosswords? CrosswordPlus is a program to assist
you in the compiling and solving of crossword puzzles.
* IFAlbum (302KB) Freeware

This image web-album design makes small JPEG copies
of your images and places them into a table. When somebody
clicks on the small image in the table, a web page with the
original image opens. Supports jpg, jpeg, bmp, and ico files.
Before the program starts you must create a separate directory
and place image files into it.

* Download Accelerator Plus Freeware

This download manager is able to accelerate FTP and HTTP
downloads by up to 300%, pause and resume downloads, and
recover from dropped internet connections. The software is fully
integrated into the browser. Users report up to 300% FASTER
downloads. The software is available FREE of charge. There is
no configuration needed in order to set up the software, only a
simple installation procedure.

* AllThumbs Shareware

This tool converts standard images to thumbnails. Includes
image enlarging, color reduction, support for image to icon
conversion and many more great features. AllThumbs got
the highest 5 stars rating from ZDNet!

* ABCVideoRoll v2.5 (2.2MB) Freeware

Capture video from your VCR and become a video director with
over 100 special effects and transitions. Needs Quick Time 4.0  

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someone each week on the internet by participating
in a forum, newsgroup, email etc. or send/forward
this newsletter to a friend.

The internet is for "Free" information and that's
what makes it so great!

The more everyone gives, the better everyone is...

Best of Luck to you and your Web Site!

Thank you for reading the 'AAA-Software E-zine'. Hope you
have found something of value in this bulletin.

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