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AAA-Software E-zine #16

AAA-SOFTWARE E-ZINE #16, July 2000

----- Editor's note -----

A warm welcome again to all the "old" and new readers
of this newsletter!

It's good to have you here, and it's wise of you to stay
here too, because every newsletter is jam packed with
excellent tips to postpone your trip to the software shop :-)

Like today you'll get a full functional graphics program,
called WebPainter. It's a special offer from the nice folks
at .net magazine. And they will also tell you how to use
the software correct. More info further in this issue.

I have now made a special Apple Macintosh software
section. I know our Mac users have been left behind a
bit, but from now on they will be spoiled :-)

Today I also want to recommend a great piece of software
from a small company in Deland, Florida. The software
is called Net Detective 2000, and it offers a compilation
of over 1650 (!!!) Internet sites where you can go to do
all kind of searches.

There are lots of interesting and fun sites in ND 2000. I
use it at least once a day for various reasons. Some of
the reference sites are extremely helpful to me.

If you are attempting to locate a person, your family history,
E-mail address or telephone number, ND2000 will save
you hours of time because it gives you the great web sites,
so you don't have to search them out.

There is no recurring charge for Net Detective 2000, and
it includes 3-4 (FREE) updates a year!

Try it! You'll be happy you did. Net Detective will save you
time online. You can instantly download Net Detective or
have a CD-ROM mailed directly to you from:

- Important Note: Even if you don't buy the software, I urge
you to visit the web site and subscribe to the "Sherlock's
Vault" Newsletter. You'll receive a newsletter packed with
excellent tips for better searching on -and off- the Internet!

And hey, it's completely FREE!

Thanks for being here again, and enjoy this issue!

Your editor,



Windows software:

- Sound Control Plus
- StartMenu Tweaker
- HTTrack Windows
- WebPainter
- Win Barometer
- BCM FaxPhone
- IMG v1.0
- Eye of the Storm
- Microsoft Media Player v7.0
- Unimobile
- eCaller ID
- Check&Get
- Xteq X-Find
- Primus

Macintosh software:

- Speed Download
- Tudoo
- 3d-Maker
- Probirthdays

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* Sound Control Plus

Replace your Windows Sound Mixer applet with most of
the features of the standard Windows mixer. Add hot keys
to adjust any combination of your sound mixer volumes.
Hotkey support to control your Winamp player, including
an On Screen Display.

* StartMenu Tweaker (Freeware)

StartMenu Tweaker (SMT) rearranges the items in your
StartMenu, Programs and Favorites more efficiently than
IE 5. For instance, use it when your Start Menu Programs
are no longer displayed in alphabetical order. SMT fixes it
in no time! SMT is a neat little utility that has something to
offer everyone and it's FREE so get it today!

* HTTrack Windows (1.9 MB) Freeware

This easy-to-use off line browser allows you to download a
website from the Internet to a local directory, building all the
directories, getting html, images, and other files from the
server to your computer. HTTrack arranges the original site's
relative link-structure. Simply open a page of the "mirrored"
website in your browser, and you can browse the site from
link to link, as if you were viewing it online.

========= FREE STUFF TIP ============

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We have FREE trial magazines, downloads and demos,
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* WebPainter 1.0 (3.8 MB) Now FREE!

WebPainter uses to be "payware", but the nice people
at .net Magazine now give it away for free. Download this
great graphics package and then read .net's tutorial for a
helping hand!

* Win Barometer Freeware

This free Windows program monitors the weather network
and collect the information about temperature, humidity and
pressure at your location in. Also it displays Air Quality*,
Wind direction and other info. This program could display
weather at almost any place in the world! The forecast will
tell you what would be the weather in short time! Handy!

* BCM FaxPhone

Send and receive G3 fax messages and includes phone
dialer with quick dial, plus: speakerphone & answering
machine; phone book; quick fax; remote access for voice
messages; and notification of pager for voice messages.
Requires Creative PhoneBlaster compatible sound/modem
combo card for speakerphone and voicemail functions:

* IMG v1.0 (478 KB)

This is a thumbnail image generator and an image viewer.
With IMG you will be able to create highquality thumbnails easy.
You can lock an image height, an image width or both of them.
You may make thumbnails from JPG, JPEG and BMP file only.
Zoom function and common filters (such as Emboss) are also
available. With IMG you can see the image format at: JPG, JPEG,
BMP, PCX, WMF and EMF. You can make wallpaper from JPG,
JPEG and BMP, too.

* Eye of the Storm v1.5 (1.6 MB)

This is a Hurricane, Typhoon, and Cyclone tracking program
for your PC. With Eye of the Storm you can monitor the path
and strength of tropical storms world wide using a 3D
interactive globe.


"Slow Net Connection? Let Turbo Surfer speed it up!"

Do you know that you can surf the web 220% faster
without buying a new PC or modem or fiddling in your

Turbo Surfer 2000 gives you blistering fast web
speed! Check the "before" and "after" pics and see
the impressive speed difference for yourself:


* Microsoft Media Player v7.0 (7 MB) Freeware

There's a new Windows Media Player. If you don't already
have it installed on your PC, get it now! Play and organize
your multimedia files in style! It’s like having a radio, movie
store, CD player, and information database all in one. Use
the player to listen to radio stations all over the world, play
and/or copy your CDs, look for movies that are available on
the Internet, and create customized lists of all your mediafiles.

* Unimobile v2.0.963 (2.7 MB) Freeware

This Internet tool communicates with any bile device (cellular
phone, pager, PDA, etc.) anywhere in the world. Keep in touch
with people via short text messages onto their desktops or
mobile devices, organize email, and access personalized
Internet content -all from a single point. Covering the world's
largest mobile network, Unimobile operates on more than
330 mobile telecom networks across 65 countries.

* eCaller ID v1.0 (6.9 MB) Shareware

eCaller ID lets you know who's calling on the phone. Using a
talking animated character, eCaller ID will read aloud the
callers name and number. The program is highly customizable
allowing you to specify what the character will say and do based
on the caller. eCaller ID is simple to us and it's more fun and
practical then any regular Caller ID. Please Note: A Caller ID
service from your local phone company is required to use.

* Check&Get v1.2 (1.9 MB) Freeware

This is a handy and powerful bookmark manager which lets
you check your favorite Internet pages automatically, and
detect if the content has changed or became unavailable.
Check&Get features many different ways of notifying you of
changes, such as a pop-up message, playing a sound file,
or by sending an e-mail message with the updated web
page. Check&Get can even download the updated file from
the Internet and save it to your hard disk.

* Xteq X-Find Freeware (2.6 MB)

This is a great program to find what you are looking for on
your PC. Simply select where and what it should search and
press "Go"; that's all. You can even specify a text that it should
find inside the files. After the requested files have been found,
select one and X-Find will display it in the same window (no
extra program is started). X-Find is also able to highlight the
searched text when viewing the file.

* Primus v1.0 (849 KB) Freeware

Ever wondered how to create stunning 3D effects? Primus
will show you with a few clicks how to create some of the
coolest 3D effects ever. Primus introduces the novice plugin
user to the incredible world of graphical plugin's.


Apple Macintosh Section (NEW!)


* Speed Download 0.8b (118KB) Freeware

Speed Download accelerates internet downloading by
opening up 32 simultaneous connections to the download
server instead of just 1 connection. Requires PowerPC,
MacOS 8.1 or later.

* Tudoo (940 KB) Freeware

Tudoo is a simple to-do list allowing the user to create to-do
lists of their day's important tasks, favorite web addresses
to visit, etc... Tudoo can print your list as well as launch web
addresses. Requires MacOS 7.5 and 2MB of memory.

* 3d-Maker (277KB) Freeware

3D Maker allows you to apply various 3D filters to a picture.
These filters include an emboss filter and a 3D glasses filter.
3D Maker offers support for Navigational Services.  

* Probirthdays (644KB) Shareware

ProBirthdays can keep track of the birthdays of your family,
friends and business associates; Record gifts, given and
received, for birthdays, weddings, christenings etc. Print
the gift record plus interests & hobbies, to take gift shopping
with you; Print personalised certificates and birthday cards
for everyone; Perform fascinating calculations on ages &
birthdates and then print the results.

=========SPREAD THE WORD============

Sorry, my newsletter isn't free. I only ask that you help
someone each week on the internet by participating
in a forum, newsgroup, email etc. or send/forward
this newsletter to a friend.

The internet is for "Free" information and that's
what makes it so great!

The more everyone gives, the better everyone is...

Best of Luck to you and your Web Site!

Thank you for reading the 'AAA-Software E-zine'. Hope you
have found something of value in this bulletin.

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