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AAA-Software E-zine #17

AAA-SOFTWARE E-ZINE #17, August 2000

----- Editor's note -----

A warm welcome again to all the "old" and "new"

I have some good news to announce. I recently have
obtained a new web site with our own domain name
for AAA-Software E-zine. Here's the URL:

There you can browse the online archive, submit your
own free- or shareware program for review, buy an ad
or place your banner, or swap a link with us...

Here are the major links:

To browse the Online Archive:

To submit a program for review:

To link your web site to us:

Hope to see you seen, and have some fun
clicking around.

Thanks for being here again, and enjoy this issue!

Your editor,



Windows software:

- Brick for Windows
- ZoneAlarm
- Clipboard Magic
- The MantaDB Utilities
- Flying Pigs Outlook Express Stationery
- Incanta Golf
- Paper Picker Freeware
- WinPoker
- WebKey
- BVS Solitaire Collection
- MyCorkboard
- My Favorites

Macintosh software:

- AllWeekCalendar
- Amuensis
- AppleSpin Screen Flava
- Arachnid
- Custom Backup

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* Brick for Windows (1.3 MB) Freeware

Feeling stressed out? Take action, an throw a virtual brick
through a window when frustration attacks.

* ZoneAlarm (1.65 MB) Free for personal use

This program is an easy-to-use Internet security utility that
sets up a personal firewall for you. It sits quietly in your
system tray alerting you every time your computer is being
attacked. You will be SHOCKED at how often it happens!

* Clipboard Magic (616KB) Freeware

Any text copied to the clipboard is automatically archived,
and can be copied back to the clipboard with a mouse click.
Text may also be edited and added manually. Clipboard
lists may be saved to a file to be loaded later. Drag and
drop, clip management and serial paste hotkeys. Many
options, including stay on top of other windows and the
ability to suspend archiving.

* The MantaDB Utilities (571 KB) Freeware

This suite of 8 tools integrates seamlessly into your IE
browser and adds extra capabilities to it; a LinkChecker,
Personal Sidebar, Page DeFramer, Web Page AutoRefresh,
Font Sizer and Sensible Colors tools. One of the favorite
tools is the Web Page Indexer. It scans web pages as
you view them and build a searchable index out the
words they contain. Searching is super fast and works
just like an Internet search engine except that the content
is built out of pages YOU have viewed. If you've ever been
in the situation where you could not return to a page you
know you have once seen then MantaDB is for you.

* Flying Pigs Outlook Express Stationery (186 KB) Freeware

An amusing screen saver. See the Pig fly along a
Mountain Range and dive bombs across your text
with the background sounds of a helicopter.

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Now you can also create your own High Quality
E-book for FREE! No need to buy expensive E-book
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* Incanta Golf Freeware

A 3D miniature golf simulation, complete with carpeted
fairways, animated hazards, and tricky bank shots. 3
complete 18-hole courses, and a built-in playfield
editor so you can create more courses.

* Paper Picker Freeware (1 MB) Ad supported

Enhance your Windows wallpaper with a selection
of small, beautiful, and unique tileable images.

* WinPoker Freeware

This is the freeware version of video poker. Play, and
get hooked for hours. Choose between six decks in
your quest to pile up the money.

* WebKey (220 KB) Freeware

This tool makes it easy tovisit your favorite websites
at the touch of a keyboard button.

* BVS Solitaire Collection (1MB) Shareware

A collection of 160 multi-featured, very different solitaire
card games. You'll be able to learn solitaires not found
elsewhere. This collection gives you the plethora of
statistical and scoring screens. Track your performance
and progress in playing solitaire about as completely
as many people use a computer to track their finances.
You can publish your personal statistics on the BVS
Solitaire Collection web site to appear in the top list.

* MyCorkboard Interactive Screen Saver (2.2 MB) Freeware

Personalize your PC with this award-winning MyCorkboard
interactive screen saver! Pick from hundreds of drag-and-
drop items to create your own personal designs. Change
your layout as often as you want, add clocks, calendars,
photos, sticky notes, to do lists, name plates, phone
dialers, decorations, animated pets and dozens of
amazing gizmos. FREE!

* My Favorites (1.24 MB) Shareware: 25.95$

Can you surf 5 websites simultaneously with one
click? With My Favorites, you can automatically launch
your daily websites with just one click. You can leave
your computer, and come back to your PC with all your
websites ready for you to look through. This powerful
browsing companion also personalizes the way you
view each website with each website having its own
unique browser size and location on your screen.
Want to surf more efficiently? Download from:


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Apple Macintosh Section


* AllWeekCalendar

A database (to be used with FileMaker Pro) that can
be shared/browsed over the network for keeping track
of meetings and schedules, printing monthly calendars,
keeping a lesson plan, school (or event) calendar, etc.
Download from here

* Amuensis

Fast freeware file copying utility. Duplicate files,
combining the Finder functions Duplicate and
Option-Copy in one very fast utility.
Download from here

* AppleSpin Screen Flava

A screensaver from the folks at MacSurfShop.
Download from here

* Arachnid

WYSIWYG HTML editor. You build the page, and it
creates the text for you.
Download from here

* Custom Backup

Custom Backup copies folders to a backup disk
with the freedom of being able to copy just one
folder or any number of folders, up to 30, or to
copy all 30 folders.
Download from here


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Best of Luck to you and your Web Site!

Thank you for reading the 'AAA-Software E-zine'. Hope you
have found something of value in this bulletin.

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