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AAA-Software E-zine #18

AAA-SOFTWARE E-ZINE #18, September 2000

----- Editor's note -----
Dear subscribers,

Welcome again to a brand new issue of (I hope :-) your
favorite software E-zine...

I just got back from a 7 day holiday in Andalucia, Spain,
to get my batteries loaded again, so that I can offer you
the best free- and shareware tips for another year :-)

Welcome again aboard, and enjoy your software!

Dirk Dupon,



Windows software:

- CD Madness
- IFAlbum
- Best Ottawa's landscapes
- Internet Sweeper
- People Saver
- Media Jukebox
- SiteBud Lite
- DLabel Creator
- SnapStream PVS
- Javascript Tutor
- ICQBack
- Holiday E-card Maker
- Shutdown Countdown
- PhoneDirectory
- Morse Code Tutor

Macintosh software:

- Aerial
- BitMapMusic PPC
- Amy's Recipes
- PandoFrame
- KeyboardLock

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* CD Madness (391 KB) Freeware

Tame the CDs! This program lets you control your
CD drives and CDs. Plays Audio CDs via built-in player.
Provides easy access to the system settings. Supports
multiple drives. Shows info about CD drives and CDs.
Launches AutoPlay any time you need it. Opens/closes
CD drive. Closes CD drive automatically.

* IFAlbum (354 KB) Freeware

This program is for image web-album design. It makes
small JPEG copies of your images and places them into
a table. When you click the small images, a web page with
original image opens. The *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.gif, *.wmf,
*.emf and *.ico files are supported by the program.

* Best Ottawa's landscapes (2.7 MB) Freeware

Free screensaver including 24 beautiful landscapes
of Ottawa, Canada After a short animated presentation and
a panoramic projection of Ottawa River it displays at
random 24 full screens with the best Ottawa's landscapes.
When you close it, this screensaver wishes you a good day.

* Internet Sweeper (73 KB) Freeware

Internet Sweeper erases unneeded files which take up
hard disk space after using the Internet. Automatically
runs when computer boots or user logs in. Erases the
Cache, History, Cookies, Addresses, Messages, Forms,
and Temporary Files.

* People Saver (1.1MB) Freeware

People Saver is a handy utility for keeping track of all
your friends, family, and associates. -If you have any
of course :-) The setup is a breeze.

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* Media Jukebox (6.4 MB) Freeware

Namde the world's first universal media player. No software
offers as many options for playing, managing, or creating
digital music. It helps you find, store and play music and
video. It includes CD ripping, CD-quality encoding to MP3
and other formats, and the ability to play over 20 media
file formats, including MP3, RealMedia, Windows Media,
QuickTime and LiquidAudio.

* SiteBud Lite (3.3 MB) Freeware

SiteBud Lite is a scaled down version of the popular SiteBud -
Web Site Design Tool. Some of the features in the full version
of SiteBud have been removed. SiteBud is a WYSIWYG web
site design tool that allows you to drag and drop objects into
the format you want. It lets you create professional looking
web sites quickly, and its wizards allow you to utilize some
advanced programming languages. This is all without having
to know any code.

* DLabel Creator v0.8 Beta (1.28 MB) Freeware

DLabel Creator creates labels for CD jewel cases, floppy
disks and audio cassettes. You control the label type, fill
attribute, image selection, and text selection/attributes.
Easy-to-use with a good visual representation of the
finished product.

* SnapStream PVS (684 KB) Freeware

Turn your PC into a personal television video station. PVS
records your favorite TV shows in a PVR fashion, when you
want it! Comes with many features.

* Javascript Tutor (508 KB) Freeware

25 lessons that cover the basics of javascript programming.
You get a firm grounding in a number of concepts and be
ready to move on to more ambitious projects. No previous
programming experience is needed, and the tutor contains
many hands-on excercises designed to reinforce the topics
covered. The author should ask money for this! But it's free!

* ICQBack 1.00 (205 KB) Freeware

ICQBack is a nice and easy freeware Windows 95/98/NT
backup/restore utility for AOL's ICQ program. It allows you
to backup your contact list and all your other important files,
such as bookmarks, chat files etc. to disk, and restore them
again if you ever need too.

* Holiday E-card Maker (205 KB) Freeware

FreeCard lets you create electronic greeting cards with graphics
or video, text, music and sound to send with e-mail or on
diskettes. Greeting cards are made into Windows executable
files and they expand, play, and clean up automatically on
target PCs.

* Shutdown Countdown v1.03 (31 KB) Freeware

Shutdown Countdown indicates the amount of time and the
type of shutdown (complete shutdown, complete restart,
Windows restart, or Log Off) and shows the countdown so
that when the timer reaches zero, the computer will shut
down. If you need to shutdown or restart your computer
after a certain time period then this could be just what you
are looking for.

* PhoneDirectory v1.5 (44KB) Freeware

This is a simple personal telephone directory, able to sort
alphabetical by the names entered first, on on the last 6
numbers entered.

* Morse Code Tutor (39 KB) Freeware

Morse test is an aid for anyone learning Morse Code. The
sound comes from the speaker, the Tone and Morse speed
can be controlled. It will convert text entered from the Keyboard,
or any ACII file loaded, to Morse sounds.


Apple Macintosh Section


* Aerial 1.1Freeware

Need a theme that’s sure to liven up your desktop?
Here are 5 desktop picturese and two theme files
to choose from. This theme even extends to your font.

* BitMapMusic PPC 1.6.2

Create simple music notations that don't require
functions any more complicated than drag and drop.
Then print out your masterpiece. Your compositions
can also be exported to PICT and JPEG format,
making BitMapMusic PPC a useful tool for creating
music-as-graphics, and for displaying that "visual
music" on the Web.

* Amy's Recipes 2.4 Shareware ($5)

This a great color recipe program loaded with features.
It has registered users from all over the world. You will
find hundreds of recipes already in the cookbook and
you can add your own and organize them any way you
want. Print out multiple chosen recipes.

* PandoFrame

Place picture frames on your desktop. The picture frames
can be arranged anywhere on the desktop. Frames can
be any of nine shapes and come in a variety of colors and
patterns. You can even create your own custom frames!

* KeyboardLock 1.5 Shareware (10$)

Lock your keyboard whenever you need the space, or
protect it with a password. KeyboardLock runs on any
modern Macintosh (no 68k machines) and with systems
from 7.5 to 9.0 and up.


Remote PC monitoring and control has just been
brought to a new level. From anywhere in the world,
you can take complete control of any computer you
have connected to the Internet. Secretly and securely
record and receive email reports of everything that's
typed on your computer, every Internet conversation
made, along with every password. Also, you will
also have the power to remotely and securely
access your harddrive and perform tasks on the
computer. Installation and using the program is
extremely easy. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed.

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