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AAA-Software E-zine #19

AAA-SOFTWARE E-ZINE #19, October 2000


Vol 2. Issue 19

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Windows 95/98/NT:

- Islam
- Web Lookup
- Europe! Windows
- PhotoStudio 2000
- Bieber's BarRoom Pool
- 3D Fancooler screensaver
- Synchro reminder
- Icbiny
- Cavity Crusade
- Home Planet
- Karaoke Catalog
- Desktop Architect
- MouseCount
- Grow'Em 2000


- Europe! Macintosh
- Virtual Gameboy
- AOLPress Freeware
- Glooton
- Aerial

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* Islam (1.3 MB) Freeware

You can now read The Koran on your PC screen in MP3 format,
in 13 languages and 2D animations. Changing text font and color,
opening and saving underlined text, jumping on specific surra's.
The Holy Muslim Book is FREE for use.

* Web Lookup (1.2 MB) Shareware; 9.95$

Web Lookup makes looking up Keywords from Websites a
snap! Lookup any word in your browser by just selecting it
and right clicking on the selection and choosing a web site of
your choice from the drop-down menu! Create Web Lookup
items bound to your favorite Websites! Or lookup more than
one website at a time!

* Europe! Windows (860 KB) Freeware

Package of fast paced and challenging arcade style European
geography games including countries, capitals, major exports
and geographical features. Used in schools and homes around
the world; geography scores improve rapidly. Serves as level one
for the worldwide version "Around the World!" Bon Voyage!

* PhotoStudio 2000    (10MB) Demoware

PhotoStudio is a full- featured, easy-to-use photo-editing app.
It provides a collection of photo editing and retouching tools,
plus an assortment of enhancements and special effects
with unlimited levels of modification. An affordable package,
the program also offers many other high-end features such
as image management, multiple Undo/Redo, multiple layers,
editable text, and macros and batch-processing functionality.

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* Bieber's BarRoom Pool (3.4 MB) Freeware

Play a relaxing game of pool. This game simply racks up your
next game, so you can play by your own rules. You can play alone,
or with a friend. The graphics are realistic and 3D rendered.

* 3D Fancooler screensaver (1.8 MB) Freeware

Take pleasure in having this amazing screensaver on your
computer. This nice screensaver will surprise you and will
make a "virtual wind" on your computer. Cool your hot day at
home or your office...

* Synchro reminder (1.7 MB) Shareware

Synchro Reminder is a easy to use, friendly and well designed
time management software, allowing you to take control over
your precious time. This product allows you to schedule your
entire day, while letting you work on your computer and not to
miss any of your important meetings, appointments and tasks.
Besides a time schedule your reminder gives you the advantage
of knowing the accurate time by synchronizing your computers
internal clock with the nternet.

* Icbiny (4.8 MB) Freeware

This is probably the best FREEWARE dice game available for
your PC. This latest version includes computer players... 1 TO 4
players, aged 8 to 108. It got a 4 cow rating at Tukids!

* Cavity Crusade (4MB) Freeware

Take your fluoride cannon, and get ready to blast plaque into
oblivion! Cavity Crusade is a shoot-em-up that takes place inside
your mouth, where various nasties try to give your precious teeth
cavities. You have two choices: Blow them away, or get used to
eating alot of Jello.


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* Home Planet v3.0 (7.2MB) Freeware

Home Planet puts a somewhat different spin on the Earth and
sky. It allows you to view an earth map, showing day and night
regions, location of the Moon and current phase, and position
of a selected earth satellite. Earth maps can be customised and
extended. A panel shows detailed position and phase data for
the Sun and Moon, positions of planets and a selected asteroid
or comet, both geocentric and from the observer's location.

* Karaoke Catalog v1.0 (752KB) Freeware

Karaoke Catalog helps you manage your computer karaoke
files. If you have a bunch of karaoke files all over the hard disk,
of various formats, and your karaoke program does not have
a decent music manager, gti this one! It keeps a list of songs,
which can than be ordered, searched, filtered and rated, and
the list can be saved and loaded to disk for fast loading. The
program makes the music list by reading the music files and
extracting data from it automatically.

* Desktop Architect v2.0 (1.9MB) Freeware

This must be the best Windows theme management tool.
Desktop Architect gives you the power to create and use
themes to give your desktop a personal look and sound.
Best of all, it's completely free!

* MouseCount v1.1 (37KB) Shareware: $1

"Computers are a nifty mixture of science and voodoo", says
this software programmer. Get the facts now! MouseCount
records every mouse movement, so you'll know how many
clicks you made within a day, week, month, and year...

* Grow'Em 2000 (2.0MB) Freeware

Grow'Em 2000 is plant-propagation software, containing
extensive and well-illustrated information on propagating
plants from seeds, cuttings, by layering and other popular
and lesser-known methods. Exhaustive plant-specific info
is provided for 1000-plus entries in 7 categories including
fruits and vegetables, herbs, trees and shrubs, cacti and
succulents, and water plants. Green fingers? Click to:


Apple Macintosh Section


* Europe! Macintosh (440 KB) Freeware

This is the same program as the Windows version above,
but for Macintosh users.

* Virtual Gameboy 1.7

You can now play your favorite Gameboy games on your
Mac with this handy emulator:

* AOLPress Freeware

This is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) HTML
Editor for Windows and Macintosh. Supports tables, frames,
forms, link validation and more. AOLPress is an excellent
alternative to commercial programs like Front Page 2000
and Dreamweaver.

* Glooton v1.1 Adware

This meta searcher searches Internet using the existing sites
and search engines. Glooton come with sevearl plug-ins, and
enables search on several sites at the same time. Minimum
configuration Mac OS 8.0, QuickTime 4 and 4.6 Mo of RAM.

* Aerial 1.1Freeware

Need a theme to sprice up your desktop? Here are 5 desktop
picturese and two theme files to choose from.

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