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AAA-Software E-zine #2


----- Editor's note -----


Here I am again, bringing you the -well, "maybe" the best-
but certainly the cheapest :-) PC software that I could find
on my nonstop crusade for quality bytes on the web.

First of all a warm welcome -or if it's hot at your place,
a cool one :-) to all my new subscribers.

I hope you enjoyed my free gift (there will be more in every
edition, so spread the word, please your friends, reward your
clients by telling them about this e-zine, etc...), and that you
may stay with me for a long long time... you won't regret,
my promise!

In this edition you'll find another fine selection of the
latest software to make your PC life a little easier. Plus
lots of free stuff goes out too this month.

Oh boy, what's wrong with me to do all this charity? :-)

Ok, enough of the promo talk. If you have a special piece of
software that you find useful (and free if possible), please
share it with all of us, and send it to me.


Dirk Dupon
The editor

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- PicSecure
- Babylon Translator
- FreeCard
- AutoMail
- ShortKeys Light
- Logorand
- EasyZip 2000
- Super Magnify
- Clear Your Clipboard
- Handy 2000
- RamBooster
- Speed Up Your PC
- Table2HTML
- Intermute
- Metronome
- Oasis
- Eppie Desktop
- Prevaricato
- After
- WatzNew
- DipStick
- AquaScape
- HarmWave
- xSite
- Random Save


(Note: some URL's may wrap up in your mail reader,
so please maximize your window for best viewing.)

PicSecure v0.5 (586KB)

PicSecure is a handy database which can store your images
in a compressed format so that the originals can be deleted
and space saved. The author claims than a 2.5MB bitmap
image is reduced to 73kB inside the database!!! The potential
for space saving is therefore enormous.


Babylon Translator (6.2 mB) Freeware

This program translates English text into other languages.
Babylon is freeware, but asks you for a registration.


logorand v1.0 (26KB)

This utility changes the Windows' startup/shutdown screens.
Select your image (it must be a BMP file, in the format of
320x400x256 and equaling 127kB) and the program will
create the appropriate 'logo' file startup, wait or shutdown.


FreeCard v2.0 (475KB)

This multimedia program creates electronic greeting cards
which can be passed on to friends, etc via disk or e-mail.
You can use virtually any BMP image on your card, an AVI,
MIDI, even a WAV file to create a masterpiece. It even has
facilities for you to create your own recorded message.
Included is a collection of BMP files, MIDI and WAV files to
get you started (and also to give you some ideas of what
you can do with your own images, sounds, etc). FreeCards
can be as small as 70kB, depending on your choice of
image, music, movies and/or sounds.


AutoMail - (40kb)

AutoMail is a very small utility that can be used to send files
by e-mail directly from the Windows Explorer context menu
with one click. Extremely easy to use.


ShortKeys Lite v1.6 (601KB)

This utility allows you to assign text strings up to 3,000
characters long to a shortcut, usually a double pound
(hash) symbol followed by a number or a character or
two. You could set up a text string, say a Website URL,
and assign to is the double pound symbols and then
the letters 'ho' for homepage. Whenever you typed ##ho
the text wouldbe replaced with your actual homepage
URL. Easy!

==========USER TIP===========

Get a cheap digital camera!

If you need to post pictures on your web site, but don't want to
shell out $500 for a Digital Camera look into the Barbie Digital
Camera from Mattel, which costs a mere $60-70. The quality
isn't superb, but heck, it should do for most tasks.

-Note: No thanks! Just send me the saved bucks :-)


EasyZip 2000 v2.6 (1.6MB)

An excellent archival tool which can create PKzip(r) 2.04g
compatible archives (with a ZIP extension or with an EXE
extension) and which can unzip those programs you
download from the Net. EasyZip has a similar look and
feel to IE Explorer or Office 2000.


Super Magnify (380kb)

Super Magnify can magnify portions of your screen up to 15
times. With special interpolation routine to maintain detail when
magnifying. Shows RGB pixel colour and optionally shows
mouse cursor arrow.


Clear Your Clipboard - (8kb)

Clear Your Clipboard is one of those simple, small yet effective
utilities. Use it for quickly clearing the data from the clipboard.


Handy 2000 v1.01 (745k) Freeware

At first impression, you may find the user interface alittle
bulky. However, you'll soon become impressed. It's got a
typing tutor, a couple of games (including one to improve
your mouse clicking speed and accuracy), an extensive
conversion applet, a screen magnification tool, a doodle
program, a "gradient" wallpaper maker, a date calculator,
a stop watch, and a few other miscellaneous gizmos.


RamBooster (244kb)

RamBooster is a little program that can improve your
computer's performance. It stays in your system tray,
constantly monitoring available real memory. When your
RAM falls below a user-defined level, it will attempt to free
half of your total memory (you can also change that setting).
Features include automatic start when Windows loads,
and sound effects. Simple and effective!

========ON THE WEB==========

Speed Up Your PC

Is your computer acting a little sluggish these days? You
could go out and buy a new one, but there's a lot you can do
to make your existing system faster. We'll tell you all you
need to know in our PC Performance Topic Center:


Weather in your Mailbox

The Weather Channel, the American 24-hour weather TV
network, has launched Inbox Weather, a service which allows
users to receive daily weather updates on over 1,600 US
cities. Users can receive up to three updates daily.
Is your site compatible with most browsers? FIND OUT:


SANDRA Freeware

Sandra (System ANalyser, Diagnostic and Reporting Assistant)
is a diagnose program that tells you all about your PC. Sandra
comes in 2 versions: standard and professional. The standard
version has 48 different modules, the professional 66. Sandra
detects the newest processors and the speed of the different
PC-components, and shows graphics that compares your
configuration with those of other brands. You can also test
Windows memory and cache.


Table2HTML v1.1 (138k) Freeware

Quickly complete tasks. You type in the data and separate it
as you would like to see it in an HTML table, and Table2HTML
will translate it for you. Just copy/paste the code, and you're
good to go.



Handy tool that sits in your systemtray and stops those annoying
advertise windows from opening. Cookies and java-applets can
also be surpressed. Very easy to setup.


NextSTART v1.0.12 (2.4M) Freeware

The Start Button... Does this button's limited functionality
annoy you to no end? Would you rather tweak its exact
position, colors, and other attributes? Take the next step with
NextSTART. While this utility is still in beta stages, it works
fairly well. One thing's for sure: it's a welcome change
especially if you love tweaking your Desktop.


"JavaScript for the World Wide Web, Second Edition"
by Tom Negrinao and Dori Smith

Wise use of JavaScript can mean the difference between
static Web pages and dynamic, professional-quality
interfaces. Although brief, this book covers quite a bit of
ground -from displaying fancy interactive graphics to
customizing user experiences with cookies. Quick, step
by-step exercises with accompanying screen shots and
code make this title an efficient learning tool.

- 2 Other great and easy to learn reference books:

"JavaScript: The Definitive Guide" by David Flanagan

"HTML : The Definitive Guide" by Musciano, Kennedy, Loukides

Both books are chock full of examples, sample code, and
practical hands-on advice These titles help readers to create
truly effective Web pages and master advanced features.


Metronome v1.5 (327k) Freeware

Instead of relying on your own rhythm, use this. And, if you
don't like the sound, change it to anything else (as long as
it's a WAV file).


Oasis SE v1.3c (1.1M) Freeware

Imagine this: you have just created a new program, and now
that you have tested the software, you must write the help-file.
That's exactly where Oasis comes in. The writing will be done
quickly, with i's handy interface.
Note; this limited version doesn't support HTML, tables or macro's.


Eppie Desktop v2.0a (30k) Freeware

Replace the buttons on your desktop with your own, by using
the Eppie Desktop Control Panel applet. Works with Windows
95 & 98, but W95 users will be able to tweak another (small)


Prevaricator v1.03 (49k) Freeware

Prevaricator works as a lie detector. Stream audio through it and
it will let you know when someone's lying. Honest :-)


After v1.0 (45k) Freeware

Postpone the programs in your startup group. Instead of having
three or four programs jostling each other to get loaded up first,
load them one at a time over a period of say, 60 seconds. Or
prevent some of them from loading if you wish. Tthis utility might
save you some time; try launching two programs at once and
watch how much slower they'll load.


WatzNew v1.0.2 (246k) Freeware

WatzNew works from your System Tray and checks to see if any
of your favorite web sites have changed since its last update. Site
owners can get it working by adding WatzNew tags within their
HTML code! Give your fingers some rest.


DipStick v2.52 (111KB) Freeware

Drag-'n-drop a web link into a little window from your browser,
and the utility tests each site for certain characteristics.
DipStick sends a couple of echo requests to the target remote
site to determine minimum, maximum, and average round trip
time. It also calculates the average packet loss percentage.
With all these factors taken into account, DipStick will pop-up
a message box informing you which remote site will give the
fastest download it even asks you if you would like to connect!


AquaScape 1.0 (2,7 MB) Screensaver

What's more relaxing than seeing 30 different kinds of fish
swim on your monitor screen? Complete with light and sound
effects? You can even choose the ground color. Get your
own aquarium now!


SyncURLs Freeware.

The solution for working with Favorites in IE and Navigator. It
imports your bookmarks (Favorites, Bookmarks, or both) right
from your installed browser(s) into a proprietary "Bookmark
Library" file with a .bml extension. Once you have the marks you
want in the SyncURLs bookmark library you export it either as
Favorites or as Bookmarks to any browser you want. Or update
both browsers at once. Having all your bookmarks in a single
.bml file makes transferring them via diskette to another computer
a snap. Just install SyncURLs on the target machine and convert
them back into Favorites or Bookmarks as needed.


HarmWave v1.3 (304k) Freeware

How about creating "seamless" images for your Web pages,
without spending a dollar to get optimum results? Stop copy
and save graphics from other Web sites, make your own with
HarmWave! A must-have tool for all Web content providers!


xSite v1.0 (2.1M) Freeware

Ok, it's maybe not the best HTML-editor around, but it works
ok, and you can't beat it's price; it's FREE!


Random Saver v2.2 (23k) Freeware

Bored with your screensaver? This tool automatically changes
your screensavers. Tell it where your screensavers are located,
and Random Saver picks one out when it's time to save the screen.


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