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AAA-Software E-zine #3


----- Editor's note -----


First of all, I'd like to welcome all the new subscribers.
There are lots of you who joined in recently, I can tell by
viewing my statics at Onelist, and of course I'm a little
ecstatic for that. Get it: static - ecstatic... No? Oh, never
mind. You should just see me crawling the walls :-)

Hey, did you know that this E-zine was featured
List of the Day, at... the List of the Day web site?
Well, you do now :-)

Ok, it's time again to take a seat, buckle up, and surf
to all these URL's where you will find the most useful
software stuff at discount prices :-)


The editor



- Logtime Version
- Eyedropper
- Yeah Write
- WinToPrinter
- ChangeExt
- HTML Indexer
- LazaLabl
- THEME: Park Wolves
- THEME: Jawas
- FONT: Brooklyn Kid
- SmartBee
- Download Accelerator
- Software-Lynx
- Launch98
- Type it in.
- Track your Search Engine Positions.
- Wallpapers!
- Classic Clipboard
- Home Cookin
- YTS Words Suite
- Windows 9x Setup Error Message List
- Quickhead-E

============SPONSOR AD==============

Net Detective - 4.0

This amazing new tool allows you to find out ALL
you ever wanted to know about your friends, family,
neighbors, even yourself! It is completely legal, and
you can do it all in the privacy of your own home
without anyone ever knowing. Better than hiring
a private investigator.

* Locate e-mails, phone numbers, or addresses
* Get a Copy of Your FBI file, check CRIMINAL records.
* Do Background Checks on EMPLOYEES.
* Find out how much ALIMONY your neighbor is paying.
* Discover how to check your phones for WIRE TAPS, etc.


(Note: some URL's may wrap up in your mail reader,
so please maximize your window for best viewing.)

Logtime Version 2.1b

Online timer to track Internet connections time. Small
download size of 391kB. Track your ISP/Phone online
time and costs with Logtime. If your ISP or phone company
charges you according to the amount of time you spend
online, this is the utility for you. Logtime is highly
configurable, extremely small and fast, and is used by
users from many countries all over the world!


Eyedropper v2.1 (200k) Freeware

Cruising over the net you see the most beautiful colors,
but when you want to use them on your own web site,
they're not like the color you saw before. Done with that,
from now on you place your mouse cursor over the
desired color an there you have the precise RBG-code.


Yeah Write 1.6

This text editor is more than another Notepad version.
Yeah Write was designed by the people who created
WordPerfect, in business since 1966. There's a free
version, but without all the whistles that come with the
full one.


WinToPrinter v1.0 (1.2M) Freeware

There was a time that the key "Print Screen" printed
your DOS-screen on your printer, and that was it.
Windows changed that by putting the whole window
into your clipboard. But time for revenge has come
with WinToPrinter. It's again like in the old days now,
and WTP places just the screen content to your printer.

ChangeExt v1.73 (205k) Freeware

If you only download one thing from this issue, please
let it be ChangeExt. You'll wonder how you got along
without it. If your registered file extensions are turned off,
then you know the extreme difficulty of changing a file's
type. That is, unless you have ChangeExt! With this add-on
installed, you can right-click on a file and view/edit its type,
attributes, size, DOS name, and date information! All
without having to get the properties and opening up another
window -one step simplicity saves the day. No doubt
about it: You need this.


HTML Indexer v4.0 (121kb)

This utility indexes all the HTML pages (and MIDI files,
images, etc) within the one directory on a hard drive into
one HTML page which lists all the elements from within
that directory using HTML page titles as the hyperlinked text.
Open the index page ("_-_index.html") and view any image,
listen to any music, etc. Impressive!


LazaLabl (663kb) Freeware

LazaLabl lets you create labels, business cards, conference
badges, serialized tickets, and more. Supports popular card
and label formats from major manufacturers, which can also
be configured by the user. Graphics can be composed of any
combination of ellipses, lines, rectangles, and polygons.
Import WMP as well as bitmap graphics in BMP, PCX, PNG,
TIF. Text can be rendered using any TrueType fonts and can
be normal, up, down, inverted, rotated, and circular.


THEME: Park Wolves (2.0M)

THEME: Jawas (721k)

FONT: Brooklyn Kid (19k)


SmartBee v2.1.2c (4.8M) Freeware

Quotes? Everything from Murphy's laws, Devil's
Dictionary, hackers dictionary, myths, jokes, computer
mimics to stories, Star Trek, adventure game
descriptions, Hacker Test, Denis Leary and quotes
from famous people. Change the display font, screen
position, and add your own quotes to the data file!
Close to 100,000 cookies included with this
proggie, it's a dream come true for quote lovers.


THEME: Apple MAC OS (1.2M)

Bored of your WIN operating platform? Change it into
that of the competitor.


Download Accelerator (795kb)

Download accelerator improves the speed of your file
downloads by using more than one connection for the
same file (retrieving fragments of the file simultaneously
when available). Once downloaded, the pieces are
automatically joined. This new version resumes broken
downloads, supports proxy servers and lets users define
certain extensions to be downloaded.         


Software-Lynx v1.2a (378kb)

A handy software website locator which lists
hundreds of links to freeware, shareware and
software publisher's websites. Included are
pages for a "Monthly Pick" and for the "Top 10".


Launch98 (152kb)

This little tool sits in the Windows tray (where your
clock is). When you right-click it, an Office97-style
menu pops up with all the shortcuts, links and programs
on your dekstop. If you click or doubleclick the launch98
icon, it will start any program you choose (normal,
maximized or minimized). Place the program in
your startup folder so it automatically loads each
time you start.


Type it in.

This program loads an icon in the system tray that
you can click to bring up a box of buttons that you
configure to suit you. When you click a button, for
example; an email button, where ever you cursor is,
say filling out an online form that requests your email
address, the click fills in the blank without you having
to type it in. Easy and FREE! There's also a Pro version


Track your Search Engine Positions. Freeware

AgentWebRanking is a FREEWARE that queries 13 of
the top SEARCH ENGINES for your web site and
keywords, showing where you and your competitors
are positioned. This WebPosition software eliminates
the time-consuming chore of visiting each search
engine, typing in your keywords and anaylzing results.



Visit this fantastic site which features some of the
coolest wallpapers for a PC. Digital Blasphemy has
such an awesome array of graphics that it will blow
your mind. If you want to see wallpaper like you've
never seen wallpaper then go to:


Classic Clipboard (1.0Mb)

CC can store up to 3000 clips, yet any one clip can be
selected and pasted with not more than two mouse
clicks. This is achieved by displaying clips in groups
of about 100 at a time. All the clips in any group can be
seen together -no scrolling lists or search routines -
just point to the clip you want and click to paste. Often
used clips can be connected to hot keys for immediate
use without popping up the Classic Clipboard window
and while Classic Clipboard is running, you can cut
or copy up to nine times then paste your clips all from
the keyboard.


Home Cookin v3.4 (436k)

For those of you who finally want to organise their kitchen.
Save grandma's recipes, make grocery lists, and download
recipes whenever your imagination lets you behind.


YTS Words Suite v3.0 (6.3M)

YTS Words Suite waits in your system tray for words
to check and spell. Just select and drop the word on
the icon... that's it.


Windows 9x Setup Error Message List

If you regulary install Windows 95/98 you'll be glad to
fnally know what "Error SU8079" means...



A handy utility to remove mail from your server without
downloading it first. Extremely useful when you're dealing
with a mailbomb for example. You can read your mail
without downloading, and then copy and past it.,156,0407-1-005,00.html


"Web Design in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference"
by: Jennifer Niederst

This guide, written in the popular "Nutshell" format, is full
of helpful tables and lists, making it a perfect desktop
reference. The book breaks down the huge topic of Web
site development into understandable, readable segments:
the Web environment (browsers, displays, design principles),
an in-depth guide to HTML tags, graphics manipulation and
display, multimedia possibilities, and technologies for
larger site management (such as CSS and XML).


A list of psychic reading, tarot card and horoscope sites:

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