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AAA-Software E-zine #4

AAA-SOFTWARE E-ZINE #4, August 1999

----- Editor's note -----

Dear subscribers,

Welcome again. You read this newsletter all over the
world, and that's great. I can't name all the countries
that this publication is zipped to, but there are a lot of
them and it feels absolutely fantastic to be read by so
many different eyes!

Enjoy this issue!


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* ReadPlease 2000
* HyperSnap-DX
* IPSearch
* Time Cruncher
* Start Or Switch v2.3
* Peep Show Lite 1.0
* THEME: Laurel & Hardy
* THEME: Ghostbusters II
* Cool Ruler v1.2
* Clipboard Magic
* Clip2DHTML v1.0
* FONT: Physics
* FONT: Electronics
* EXE Protector 2.01
* 4DOS Command Shell v6.02

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* ReadPlease 2000 (6,9 Mb) Freeware

This free speech program tells you what you type. An 166 Mhz
PC is advised. You can choose between 4 different voices, and
speed and other parameters are adjustable. Recommended
for the visually impaired. 

* HyperSnap-DX

If you need a screenshot of your computer screen use this
program. It captures your entire screen, or only save part of
it as JPEG or GIF Format.

* IPSearch (526kb)

IPSearch searches over 60 search engines in one time. Just
select the search engine you prefer, type in your query and the
program displays the results.

* Time Cruncher (770kb)

Match your PC clock with the world time. Just click on Time
Cruncher's icon while you are online and your clock will be
automatically set.

* Start Or Switch v2.3 (20k) Freeware

This program allows you to click your right mouse button
anywhere on your desktop, and you'll never have to touch
that start button again.

* Peep Show Lite 1.0 (420 kB)

Burn a hole in your screen by clicking both mouse buttons.
Handy for when you have to move a file to another folder;
open the two folders and drag the file trough the hole. Or
something :-)

* THEME: Laurel & Hardy (2.0M)

* THEME: Ghostbusters II (4.0M)

* THEME: Cool KISS (2.4M)

* Cool Ruler v1.2 (855kb)

Cool Ruler places a ruler on your desktop which can
be moved around, flipped horizontally or vertically, made
larger or smaller, and can display inches, centimeters
or pixels. Achieve accurate measurements, add colored
marks to the ruler etc... It even has a built-in calculator.

* Clipboard Magic (631kb) Freeware

Clipboard Magic keeps all your copied data in a list. Besides
the nomal copying you can manually edit, import and export,
text, sort, expand, save, and drag en drop clips. Not bad!

* Clip2DHTML v1.0 (2.7MB) Freeware

Creating dynamic text on your web pages? You start sweating?
No need for that! This program generates DHTML code without
lifting an eyebrow.

* FONT: Physics (26k)


"Build a Web Site the Lazy Way" By Kathryn Toyer

Learn what looks good and what doesn't on a web site.
When to use a bulleted list rather than a definition list and
how to use tables for the greatest effect. All about forms,
images, colors, and other elements to spice your pages.

Create a web site from scratch, including a quick lesson
on HTML, tips on how to enhance the site with graphics,
special effects, audio and video clips, and how to boost
hits and get more visitors:


* FONT: Electronics (43k)

* EXE Protector 2.01(2.03MB) ShareWare

Let this utility set up a password for all your programs and
you'll never have problems again with messed up software by
third parties. Of course you can always change the password
or remove it. Free for 30 uses, after that it's 20$. Only one thing:
once you have protected your programs, you don't need the
shareware anymore :-)

* 4DOS Command Shell v6.02 (781kb)

Find that DOS-box a bit boring? Black background, white
text? Want to add more color to it? 4DOS does it for you!
More utilities like copy/paste from Windows to DOS, text
viewer and more.

+++++++++USER TIP++++++++++++++++++

This code pasted into the HEAD section of your web page
will cause a link to have a background color when the mouse
is over it. Netscape ignores it, perhaps the newest version,
which I haven't tested.

style type="text/css"
a:hover{color:ff0080; background-color:ffff00;}

Play around with the colors as you choose.

This tip is from BoogieJack's Almost a Newsletter.

++++++++++++AD EXCHANGE+++++++++++

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=========SPREAD THE WORD============

Sorry, my newsletter isn't free. I only ask that you help
someone each week on the internet by participating
in a forum, newsgroup, email etc. or send/forward
this newsletter to a friend.

The internet is for "Free" information and that's
what makes it so great!

The more everyone gives, the better everyone is...

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