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AAA-Software E-zine #5

AAA-SOFTWARE E-ZINE #5, September 1999

----- Editor's note -----

Dear subscribers,

Thanks for subscribing, and even more for staying
subscribed to this E-zine :-)

I recently finished my E-book; 'Web Site and E-zine Promotion
for Idiots', and now you can download a free version of it at:

The E-book got rated 4 stars from ZDNet, and those people
know their job... just like I do -a little self promotion always
works, me guess :-)

Anyway, glad to be back, and enjoy the 22 software tips!

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Spam Hater
DigiCams 1.0
The Ultimate Label Printer Pro 5.5.2
FloatSaver v2.61
WAVAlarm 1.0
Multiserver newsreader v1.61
KeeBoo 1.0
HTML Browser Compiler v1.3
Desktop Architect
Tiny Clock
TypingMaster 99 v.4.6
Shuffler III
Gooey 1.0
Shoot it!
PrintKey Freeware
Spector v2.0
Auction Browser
Wild Wild West Screensaver
Australian Images
Gangsters Theme


* Spam Hater 2.08 (0.60MB) Freeware

Spam Hater analyses Spam, extracts a list of addresses of relevant
Postmasters, generates a "WHOIS" query to help track the perpetrator,
and pepares a reply. You're then given a choice of legal threats, insults
or the choice to use your own message.

* DigiCams 1.0 (1.3MB) Freeware

This Webcam viewer allows you to see the world through the eyes
of the many webcams around the world. The software maintains a
list of webcams, updated weekly. 3 viewing modes provide easy
access. In Random Play mode you'll be taken on a virtual tour of
the planet.

* The Ultimate Label Printer Pro 5.5.2 (1.09 MB) Shareware

Easy create and print labels for CD's, audio cassetes, VHS-video's,
zip- and jazz-disks.

* FloatSaver v2.61: Floating Images Screensaver (938KB) Shareware

Construct a multimedia screen saver from your own images and
sound files. Numerous slideshow transition effects, image captioning,
and password protection. 938559 bytes

* vTuner (3.6Mb)

Use this tool to listen to live radio broadcasts, TV stations and live
events over the Internet. Software organizes the stations into one
place on your desktop, and uses the Internet as a global antenna.
Listen to music while you surf.


Are you an MP3 fan, but tired of searching for hours after the files
that you want to hear? Get the right search software from:


* WAVAlarm 1.0

Never forgot important dates again while your at the computer. Use
WAVAlarm to remind yourself. Plays any .wav files at any set time.

* Multiserver newsreader v1.61 (699 Kb) Shareware

Newsreader for multiple news server support. All articles of a particular
newsgroup for all news servers are displayed in a single list. Every
newsgroup may be viewed in different views, each view with its own
message filter. The fastest news servers are chosen for downloading
articles. Download at the same time from different news servers in a
transparent way. NewsPro supports displaying jpeg images and
launching applications for other types of attachments.

===========Bits and Bytes================

CFS Master Freeware Collection #5 CD-ROM's
Get the "freshest freeware" on CD and don't worry about file downloads,
viruses, etc. The #5 CD in the "Master Freeware Collection" is now
available and features over 190 free programs including 40 full games, 9
updates for popular Corel products, and 4,400 images. All of this for just
$15.90, post free anywhere in the world! What are you waiting for?


* KeeBoo 1.0 (173kb) Freeware

Collect information from web pages, text files, images, movies, and
create shareable "books". Drag and drop various items into a new
"KeeBook" and then enhance and personalize your new book by
adding sticky notes. The program automatically creates chapters,
and a table of contents. KeeBooks are placed in a graphical bookcase,
can be viewed in any standard web browser, or/and sent via e-mail.

* HTML Browser Compiler v1.3 (580k) Freeware

This compiler takes all the HTML-files that you select from your hard
disk and moves them into 1 exe-file. Now, is that handy or what? Yes,
it is :-)

* Desktop Architect (1.5Mb)

A great tool to create, customize, and install desktop themes. Preview
themes and customize them. Support for selecting a screen saver,
appearance of scroll bars, menus, title bars, icons, scheme, startup/shut-
down/wait screens, cursors, icons and sounds for different events. Open
and save themes, randomly switch your themes, and the best part
-generate a self-extracting EXE file for sharing your theme. Wow!!!

* Tiny Clock (1.8Mb)

This alarm clock for Windows is fully customizable with skins. Skins
are included, with instructions for making new ones.

* TypingMaster 99 v.4.6 (3.2 MB) Shareware

An educational program to learn you the effective and time-saving
touch typing technique. The study material consists of several
different exercise types, like word and paragraph drills, revision
wizards and games. Review Wizard suggests which keys seem
to be problematic and provides you with four different revision
methods to choose from. Examine your progress history with
graphical diagrams. Typing feedback and progress diagrams,
5 courses including NumPad course, 3 educational games:
WordTris, Bubbles, Clouds.

* Shuffler III (2.2Mb)

This excellent random jukebox plays all audio formats including Mp3,
MS Audio 4, Wave and Midi. The special playback control will play your
favourite tunes most. Able to randomize desktop images. Nice!

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* Gooey 1.0 (2.3MB) Freeware

An Internet tool that allows people to simultaneously browse the same
web site and communicate with each other. Chat on the web site, and
get a constantly updated list of all the other users. Conduct group and
private chats. The "Hitwave" window displays the most popular sites
used by Gooey users.

* Shoot it! (488kb)
Shoot at the pictures that appear on your PC-screen. You can include
your own graphics! This version includes the default one, the "Pie Bill
Gates" theme, the "South Park" theme and the "Windblows" theme.!

* PrintKey Freeware

Press the Print Screen button and capture an active window, desktop,
DOS box and more, and then save the graphic in a variety of formats.

* Spector v2.0 (1MB) Shareware

Concerned about what your kids or spouse does on the Internet?
This software will record their actions by taking hundreds of screen
snapshots every hour, automatically and undetected. You'll be able
to *see exactly* what they were up to, who they chatted with, incoming
and outgoing e-mail, keystrokes and whether strangers approach
them on the web. -Or just trust them, ok? :-)

* Auction Browser

This is a souped up version of MS Explorer, customized to track various
elements in eBay auctions. It will automatically update the latest item
bid prices and bidder info, show you when auctions end and synchronize
your time, and finally notify you when auctions that interest you are closing.

* Wild Wild West Screensaver (2.4Mb)

Official screen saver of the movie starring Will Smith, Salma
Hayek and others.

* Australian Images (2.35MB)

This exceptional screensaver contains breathtaking panoramic
pictures of the Land Down Under.

* Gangsters Theme (932k)


"Build a Web Site the Lazy Way" By Kathryn Toyer

What looks good and what doesn't on a web site? When to
use a bulleted list rather than a definition list? How to use
tables for the greatest effect. All about forms, images, colors,
and other elements to spice your pages. Create a web site
from scratch, including a quick lesson on HTML, tips on how
to enhance the site with graphics, special effects, audio and
video clips, and how to boost hits and get more visitors:

=============USER TIP================

Quick Windows Start Up:

If you have to restart Windows, after installing a new piece of
software, choose Start - Shut Down - Restart, and press the
SHIFT key while you press Ok-button. Windows will be closed,
and started again, without completely rebooting your system.

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The more everyone gives, the better everyone is...

Best of Luck to you and your Web Site!

Thank you for reading the 'AAA-Software E-zine'. Hope you
have found something of value in this bulletin.

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