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AAA-Software E-zine #6

AAA-SOFTWARE E-ZINE #6, October 1999

----- Editor's note -----

Dear subscribers,

I am a little late with this issue, as I have been very busy with
decorating and painting my new house. But I'm moving today,
and everything should be getting "normal" soon :-)

Next issue will be packed with a huge collection of great software
tips. I'm sorry for this smaller version... but I will make it up to
you next time, promise!

Enjoy this issue!

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- The Cleaner
- NoteTab Ligh
- WordWright v1.5
- Business Card Wizard
- ImageForge
- Quick Currency
- Solsuite 2000
- A-Lock v3.8
- PC DJ v3.6b
- Winamp
- Popup Hunter v2.01
- Rename-It! v1.0
- GTRipple



Web-TalkIt v1.0 is an easy-to-use voice command and control
utility for your web browser. The step-by-step wizard helps you
get going right away.

* The Cleaner (450KB) Shareware

The Cleaner scans your hard diskt for known Trojan Horses, and
when it finds one it destroys the intruder The Cleaner works better
than other virus scanners because the makers are specialised in
Trojan Horses. Excellent data base.

* NoteTab Light - Freeware

This top-rated text and HTML editor for Windows 95, 98, and NT4t
is user friendly and feature rich with many innovative productivity tools.
Whether you create web pages, write source code, send E-mail, take
notes, analyze text, read files, or do anything related to text, you will
love this.

* WordWright v1.5 (4.9MB) Freeware

WordWright is a powerful word processor containing many great
features, a great alternative for WordPad or MSWord, WordPerfect, etc.
Fully stylized text, colors, unlimited open files and file sizes support.

* Business Card Wizard v1.1 (1.7MB) Freeware

Make 'em and spread them :-)

* ImageForge v1.0 (2.5MB) Freeware

With this full-featured, image editor, you can paint, scan, create
albums and slide shows, merge images, create artwork for your
web pages, retouch photos, animate, and much more! Clipart
brushes, soft brushes, smudge and scatter tools, and various
effect filters. Built-in Library functions to assemble collections of

* Quick Currency (333Kb) Shareware

Quick Currency converts 24 currencies with the click of a button. All
the rates are user-defined. Calculations for users in The US and in
Europe. Currencies: Austrian Schilling, Belgian Franc, Brazilian Real,
Canadian Dollar, China Renminbi, Danish Krone, Dutch Guilder,
Finnish Markka, French Franc, German Mark, Greek Drachma,
Iceland Krona, Irish Punt, Italian Lira, Luxembourg Franc, Norwegian
Krone, Portuguese Escudo, Spanish Peseta, Swedish Krona, Swiss
Franc, British Pond, Japanese Yen, US Dollar, Euro.


A high-quality collection of 180 different Solitaire games. Great graphics
and animation. More than 9 trillion possibilities, so you never play the
same game twice. All your favorites including Klondike, FreeCell, Pyramid,
Golf, Busy Aces, Poker Solitaire and more.

* A-Lock v3.8 (121Kb) Shareware

An excellent email encryption program. Just click the A-Lock icon on
the task bar and a mouse click will encrypt or decrypt your message. Easy
to use. The software displays your decrypted message in a private
window while leaving the original message encrypted. Works with all
popular email programs.

* PC DJ v3.6b (1.64MB) Freeware

A jukebox player with dual MP3 digital mixing capabilities features: dual
volume & pitch control; cross-fading; play list creation & editing; integrated
search by artist, track name or version; auto-play; shuffle-play; and much
more! Clean interface, but not so easy to discover all the utilities. However,
once adjusted this is one of the better MP3 jukeboxes.

* Winamp (1.77Mb) Freeware

Fast, flexible, high-fidelity music player for Windows 95/98/NT.
Supports MP3, CD, Audiosoft, Audio Explosion, MOD, WAV etc.
Audio visualization and audio effect plug-ins.

===========Bits and Bytes================

CFS Master Freeware Collection #5 CD-ROM's
Get the "freshest freeware" on CD and don't worry about file downloads,
viruses, etc. The #5 CD in the "Master Freeware Collection" is now
available and features over 190 free programs including 40 full games, 9
updates for popular Corel products, and 4,400 images. All of this for just
$15.90, post free anywhere in the world! What are you waiting for?


* Popup Hunter v2.01 (671Kb) Shareware

Popup Hunter automatically closes any popup window when entering
a web site. You can configure the software to intercept these windows
and automatically close them. Easy to use and stays out of the way in
the Windows system tray area.

* Rename-It! v1.0 Shareware

Need to rename large amounts of files at once? Then Rename-It! is
the tool for you. You can auto-increment a number in the file name to
make it easier to find your files.

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* GTRipple (510kb) Freeware

Make your pictures come alive by creating a water rippling
effect. Options for setting the frequency, amplitude, height,
perspective, speed, wave direction, and more.

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Best of Luck to you and your Web Site!

Thank you for reading the 'AAA-Software E-zine'. Hope you
have found something of value in this bulletin.

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