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AAA-Software E-zine #7

AAA-SOFTWARE E-ZINE #7, November 1999

----- Editor's note -----

Dear subscribers,

Last time I promised to come up with a huge collection of great
software tips, to make up for the smaller one. Well, I always *try*
to keep my word, so here's the fat issue.

Send your comments, software tips, or other reactions to:



- Sam Spade
- 3D Fotocube
- Cowboy Casino v1.04
- Contact Master v1.0
- Colorized Htm
- ScreenLock v6.2.1
- CDex 1.10
- Roxies ABC fish
- iFind Graphics
- The Friendly Address Book v1.2
- More Space 99
- Cool Call
- ImageForge
- Web Dwarf
- Whirlwords v1.0.2


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* Sam Spade
This is a collection of FREE Internet tools. You'll get the basics
you also get SMTP VRFY that lets you check whether an email
address is real or not and whether it's being forwarded to
other addresses.

* 3D Fotocube (1.79Mb)

This screensaver and desktop application displays bmp and jpg
files in 3D spinning photo cubes. Up to 6 pictures can be displayed
and display quality and speed can be set. 3-D Cube can be run
as a screensaver or a desktop application that stays open with
other applications.

* Cowboy Casino v1.04 Freeware

Play blackjack, slots, Caribbean poker, video poker, roulette,
Pai Gow poker, craps, keno, and baccarat with 3D virtual

* Contact Master v1.0 (1.21MB)

This Personal Information Manager contains an address book
and contact management software which provides instant access
to names, notes, phone numbers, addresses & date of last
contact. Handy for both small and large offices as well as for
home use. 16- and 32-bit version available.

* IMS Web Dwarf v1.00 (2.9MB) Freeware

This is a superb WYSIWYG Webpage authoring and publishing
tool. Drag 'n drop editor with pixel-level positioning; alignment
toolbar with group control, layout guide with a snap-to-grid option;
a text editor and an FTP publisher with 'gather' option. Downside:
takes some time to master.

* Colorized Html (184kb)

This program creates html code that produces text fading from one
color to another. It can fade entire paragraphs, or one line at a time.
Very clever.

========== Bits and Bytes ================

Having the most up-to-date drivers for your PC and peripherals can
make all the difference between having a sluggish system and a
streamlined one. The WinDrivers site makes it easy to find drivers
for you hardware by enabling you to search by product type or
manufacturer's name.


ScreenLock v6.2.1 Freeware

Denies anyone's attempts to access your PC. Prevent DOS/Windows
startup, quickly lock your PC any time, and log bad attempts. l

* CDex 1.10 (646Kb) Freeware

Cdex makes it possivble to extract digital CDA files from audio
cd's. You can then save them as WAV, MP3, VQF or AAC files. The
software uses the ASPI Manager from Adaptec to communicate with
the CD-Rom player, so you'll need the ASPI driver, like the one from
Adaptec v4.54+.

* Roxie's ABC Fish v4.00 (1.68MB) Freeware

This one is for the youngsters among us. -Are there any of them on
this list anyway? Children will love this edutainment program that will
learn them their ABCs and numbers with the help of the talking cat,
Roxie. I wish they had this stuff when I was a kid :-)

* iFind Graphics (4.0Mb) Freeware

This tool can find, view, extract, print and save images available on
the Net. It searches over 25 million images from the most popular image
search sites and displays the results in a thumbnail gallery. You can
view the downloaded images at their regular size in the iFind Graphics
Viewer or your default Internet Browser and then print them or save to
your PC.

* The Friendly Address Book v1.2 (1.2Mb) Shareware

An address book with many unique features and a cool user
interface. Each record can be accompanied with an image matching
your friends' looks, style or behavior. You can select from the embedded
clip art or, if you own a scanner, you can place your own images of
your friends. Dial phone numbers, filter alphabetically, sort, search,
add/delete/resize images, backup and restore.

* Whirlwords v1.0.2 (572Kb)

A terrific word chain puzzle where you are given start and finishing
words and you have to fill in the missing words using the specified
transition rules for each line. 6 separate transition rules and each
puzzle level has a different combination. Contains 100 levels, a
puzzle editor for creating your own levels, and a 5,000 word dictionary.

* Speaking Clock Deluxe (1.03 MB) Shareware

Speaking Clock Deluxe is a very competent clock which tells the time
in many different languages (English is included, many more languages
can be freely downloaded). The clock also has a multiple alarm system,
so you can have up to 50 different alarms, with the possibility of announcing
the time, playing any wave file or even starting another program. The
alarms can be set to go off once or be repeated daily, weekly, monthly
or yearly. In addition it also features a time synchronization function,
choice of two digital displays and one analog display and a attractive
interface design. The clock can be minimized in the system tray (where
it also shows the time) and be set to start when Windows starts.

* More Space 99 (1.4Mb)

This program cleans up valuable disk space by targeting large or
duplicated files. A quick clean feature allows you to quickly identify
unnecessary .tmp, .old, .bak, files and 3D disk statistics make it easy
to monitor the whole proces.

* Cool Call (2.8MB) Shareware

Cool Call is software that acts as a personal voice answering
machine-speaker phone. When combined with caller ID, provided
by your phone company, Cool Call becomes much more. Create
personal greetings for your friends and family. Hang-up on or create
not so personal greetings for solicitors i.e. play a greeting only, don't
take a message. You can choose to be notified of a call by forwarding
the caller's number to your pager. Callers can enter a callback number
that will immediately be sent to your pager. You can even check your
messages from another phone. Cool Call tracks the time, duration
and cost of long distance calls. Voice modem and sound card required.

* ImageForge Freeware (2.8 MB) Freeware

ImageForge is a complete paint program for creating or editing
images, AVI animations and picture albums. Produce stunning results
with your own pictures and photos. Features: Clipart brushes; Soft
brushes; Smudge and Scatter; Lines, Rectangles, Ellipses and other
objects; Special Effect Filters; Scanner/TWAIN device support; Automatic
palette optimization; Color-replacement; Gradients and Patterns; Crop,
Enlarge, Resize, Resample, Deskew; Rotate by degree; AVI animation;
Tools to produce your own stand-alone EXE library albums (complete
with viewer utility, editor, slide show, install program, etc.); and more.

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The internet is for "Free" information and that's
what makes it so great!

The more everyone gives, the better everyone is...

Best of Luck to you and your Web Site!

Thank you for reading the 'AAA-Software E-zine'. Hope you
have found something of value in this bulletin.

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