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AAA-Software E-zine #8

AAA-SOFTWARE E-ZINE #8, December 1999

----- Editor's note -----


Welcome again, and hello to all the new faces. I hope
you'll find some useful software for your PC here.

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The editor

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- Photocopier
- Screen Saver Builder
- AgentWebRanking
- Net Butler
- Nice Notes
- Softface 3D
- Dropit
- PC Cheat Factory
- EbayPAL
- Remind!
- CandyClock
- Key Word Thing
- VisitURL
- Copernic 2000
- Magic Notes
- Liero
- Trash Killer
- InterFAX
- Ultimate Paint
- Exe-locker
- MP3 Album Finder
- RedBox Organizer


* Photocopier (625kb) Freeware

This is a very handy piece of software to use your scanner
and printer as a copy machine. Very easy to set up, and it
saves you several trips to the copy shop...

* Screen Saver Builder (1.2MB) Shareware

You can now create your own screen savers. The SSB software
merges your .jpg, .gif, .bmp or .ppm images and .wav and .mid
sounds into one single file. No programming skills needed: you
collect the images and sounds and add them to your screen saver
project with a point-and-click, easy to use, interface.

* AgentWebRanking v1.6 (1.9M)

If you have a web site, then you know how hard it is to get high
rankings in the search engines. AgentWebRanking gives you
some clever tools to optimize your SE position.

* Net Butler (541Kb)

Net Butler helps you with your down- and uploads. Stop wasting
time downloading the same file over and over again.

* Nice Notes v1.5 (327Kb)

Nice Notes is a great and easy to use utility which stores notes
like an electronic notepad. Included an alarm function, calendar,
search, print and export facilities. Neat interface too!

* Softface 3D (14MB) Shareware

This powerful facial scanning system allows you to create real-like
three-dimensional face models from two photographs. It is based
on stereo vision and camera auto-calibration techniques so special
hardware is not required. You'll only need a digital camera and
optionally a make-up pencil.

* Dropit v4.7

Save time and frustration; and never type in the same information
again into a browser form. Just click, drag and drop. Easy.

* PC Cheat Factory v1.0 (464Kb)

A graphical database of nearly 700 cheats for games, featuring
a search engine and an alphabetical listing of the games. If you
play commercial games, this is a must.

========== Bits and Bytes ===============

This is the age of information. There is an incredible demand
for information packed e-books, manuals, reports, e-zines and
newsletters of almost every imaginable kind.

Now you can make your own e-books and sell them via the
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* EbayPAL v1.00 (4.6M) Freeware

EbayPAL keeps you updated with everything that goes on at Ebay.
Get auction closing alerts, add and place bids on auctions, e-mail
an auction to a friend easily, create & save custom searches, track
auction status, etc..

* Remind! v3.22 (1.1M) Freeware

Remind! automatically launches programs, files, documents,
so that you will never have a 'sorry forgot it' excuse again...

* CandyClock v1.0 (645Kb)

A fun and highly configurable analog desktop clock. You select
the shape, size, background image, color etc. 20 pre-configured
clocks are already added.

* Key Word Thing (545 Kb) Shareware

HTML editor modifies your web pages so the Search Engines
can index them by checking your meta tags.

* VisitURL v1.55 (660kb)

Maintain a list of bookmarks to websites you plan to visit. Easy when
you need to note down an URL.

* Copernic 2000 (2.1Mb)

This personal search agent searches the Web, newsgroups and
e-mail directories, and shows documents by order of relevancy.

* Magic Notes v2.7 (89Kb) Shareware

This is a sticky notes application. Write down ideas, to-do lists,
appointments etc. It has a handy toolbar interface, and can be
used as an alarm clock.

* Liero v1.33 DOS (but also suitable for Windows) (374Kb)

A terrific shoot-em-up game where you get to kick your buddy's
butt. The screen is split into 3 -the 2 main windows (one for each
player) and a third, smaller window which gives an overall map
showing both players. Great graphics, sound and animation!

* Trash Killer v1.0 (1.49Mb) Freeware

Another shoot-em-up, with very addictive gameplay. Get it, then
shoot it!

* InterFAX: Send faxes over the Net for free (247Kb)

Send faxes from your computer via your Internet connection. Simply
type out the fax, enter the name of to whom it's going, enter the full
international fax number and a subject for the fax and click on 'send.'
You also get a phone book, which can hold up to sixteen names and
numbers for quick faxing, a list of country codes is provided.

* Ultimate Paint v2.3 (1.78MB) Shareware

A 32-bit Windows graphics program for image creation, viewing
and manipulation. All image formats supported. Retouch and
enhance photos using a comprehensive set of built-in tools and

* Exe-locker

This safety tool assigns a password to any .exe file, so that it
can only be opened by the one who sets up the password.

* MP3 Album Finder: Full album searching. Adware (940 Kb)

MP3 Album Finder finds full albums of MP3 songs on FTP servers.
Searches are fast and come with "Ratio" or "No Ratio" information,
depending on whether the site has an upload/download ratio
requirement. Results can easily be downloaded.

* RedBox Organizer v3.0: Personal planner (1.6 MB)

A personal planner for home and business with calendar, planner,
alarm reminder, to-do and sticky notes, and some power-packed
tools like Reports, Phone Dialer, Email/Web Browser capability,
Web Publishing Wizard, Workgroup messaging, Multiple User
capability, and Cross Referencing ability.

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Thank you for reading the 'AAA-Software E-zine'. Hope you
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