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AAA-Software E-zine #9

AAA-SOFTWARE E-ZINE #9, January 2000

----- Editor's note -----


Welcome again, and hello to all the new faces! Glad to
have you here. Hope you stay with us far into the next
Century :-)

Hey, it's the Holiday season, so don't forget to send a little
animated E-card to your loved ones. Here is an excellent
collection for all kinds of occasions and they're all FREE!

If you should experience any problems at the E-card web
site, you need the Shockwave Player! It's FREE, and you
can download it from

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interactive content the Web has to offer!
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Remember: Getting an E-card makes you feel good, but
sending one makes you feel even BETTER!

Or don't you think they deserve one? :-)

I want to wish EVERYONE a happy and safe holiday
season, and the very best for you in the year 2,000!

Enjoy this issue, and please keep it warm! :-)

The editor

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- Howie's Quick Screen Capture Tools
- InjectURL
- CuteMX 1.0
- KookieJar
- WinMorph 1.3
- NoteCard
- XSnow 1.40
- Christmas Theme
- Carvin
- World Time Clock
- Chess-it! 3.0
- Exact Audio Copy v0.85
- DupeLocater
- Microangelo Icon Editor
- Text Tally v1.
- What Can I Cook
- Jukebox WHM
- xReminder Pro
- Time Zone Converter
- Publicity v3.52


* Howie's Quick Screen Capture

Takes quick shots of whatever is on your computer screen,
sends the copy to your "C:" Drive, and then lets you edit the
image with "Microsoft Paint".

* InjectURL (585kb)

Save any HTML page of a web site with the original URL
address. InjectURL detects that you have saved a HTML
document, and 'injects' the URL into the document you
saved as a link on top of the file. Netscape and Internet
Explorer compatible. Handy if you save lots of web pages.

* CuteMX 1.0 b8 (942 Kb) Freeware

A whole new and powerful way to search and share MP3s
and other files. First you have to create a personalized login
account, and from there you can download files, enter real-
time chat rooms, send instant messages to other members,
etc. Features Browse Mode, built-in MP3 player, download
queues, and much much more.

* KookieJar (585kb)

Meet the ultimate signature generator and randomizer. This
is not just a random quotes generating tool, but it will also
launch a program and include its output in your sig file. It can
also place the 'Now playing' line, using information from the
AudioCD disk you are listening to. Great stuff!

* WinMorph 1.3 (495Kb) Freeware

WinMorph creates professional looking digital movies,
showing one image warping and morphing into another
in AVI or MPEG format.

* NoteCard (437kb)

Learn to recognize music notes the fast and fun way!
Click the right piano keys like a pro. It's great if you're
new to music. You'll soon compose your own opera :-)

* XSnow 1.40 (280 KB) Freeware

If you think you don't have enough snow stuffed at your
doorway, or if you've never seen the world in white, you
can now add some to your desktop. See Santa with his
deers wading trough the waves, and when you had had
enough, shake your window and the stuff is gone. Fun!

* Christmas Theme (1.57Mb) Freeware

While we're in the mood, this desktop features a Xmas tree,
Santa, Snowmen, Christmas jingles and sounds and all you
need for your Merry Desktop.

* Carvin (358kb)

Never been jealous when you saw a snowboarder making
his moves on TV? Well, now you can be one yourself. This
MSDOS game lets you surf down different mountain trails.
You must collect tokens, and jump like the pro's. Woosh!

* World Time Clock v2.14 (483Kb) Freeware

This world clock displays your local time plus the time in
4 other world cities. An analog clock and alarm function is
included. Hides safely in the system tray.

* Chess-it! 3.0 (499Kb) Freeware

You can now play chess online via email, or just off line.
The several options make this a great game, and it's
FREE, so you wouldn't miss it!

* Exact Audio Copy v0.85 (494 Kb) Freeware

CD audio grabber copies audio tracks and saves them as
WAV files. Too many features to sum up here. Very easy
to use.

* DupeLocater (201kb) Freeware

You may have duplicate image files, or any other files, that
waste space on your hard disk. Find them quickly with this
tool by dragging the directories to search into DupeLocater.

* Microangelo Icon Editor (1.32Mb) Shareware

This is the best, all round icon editor anyone can find. Use
it to make your own desktop icons, or create a 16*16 icon
to let your web pages stand out for the crowd when someone
bookmarks your web site. (If you'd like to know how to do this,
email me
and I'll tell you.) Get your 30 trial download now:

* Text Tally v1.1 (400 Kb) Freeware

TextTally counts the number of characters and words that
have been copied into the Windows' Clipboard. Useful if
you have to fill in a form and are limited in text size. Simple
to use, and a winner of many prizes, so you should have it!

========== USER TIP ================

You're probably sick and tired of all the media hype around
the Y2K problem, just like I am. But anyway, here's some info
I just couldn't keep away from you if you have Windows 95
on your PC.

Many Windows 95 users have downloaded the "Y2K patch",
but what they don't know is that MS issued a second patch
to address additional Y2K problems in Windows Explorer
and in Internet Explorer 4.01.

So how do you know if you have the correct patch? Simple.
Look in Windows Explorer in the Windows folder if you find
a file named y2kw95.txt

If you don't find the file, you need a new patch from:

No thanks! I'm here for you :-)


* What Can I Cook (6.9 Mb) Demoware

Don't know what to cook? This program will help you. You tell
your computer all the ingredients that are in your kitchen, and it
searches its recipe database and tells you the different recipes
you can cook. Registered users receive a 50,000+ recipe

* Jukebox WHM (2.5MB) Freeware

Tired of Windows Media Player? Jukebox WHM plays .mid,
.wav, .avi and any other file types.

* xReminder Pro v3.0 (1.1 MB) Shareware

An elegant-looking event-based personal information manager
that help you remember birthdays, holidays and other events.
It starts automatically with Windows and minimizes to the sys
tray from which you can create new reminders in a few mouse
clicks. All reminders are listed in the main window. You can view
them simultaneously, or choose between daily, weekly or monthly

* Time Zone Converter v1.2 (125Kb) Freeware

Use your PC clock to show the time in other time zones. When
run for the first time you have to tell which country and time
zone you are in. Then the GMT time and the local time of 3 other
countries are displayed.

* Publicity v3.52 (1.4 Mb)

A label-printing program that employs a layered design approach.
Define your own custom templates or choose from a selection
of label, envelope, and business-card templates. Full color and
font support, bar code support, text rotation, graphic transparencies,
graphic stretching and compression, and more. Use this program
to print mailing labels based on contact lists stored as text or in
a database.

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The more everyone gives, the better everyone is...

Best of Luck to you and your Web Site!

Thank you for reading the 'AAA-Software E-zine'. Hope you
have found something of value in this bulletin.

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