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Suppose you sell a product for $15, and you place a Sponsor Ad with us for 
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Suppose that only 10% of all subscribers download your shareware program. 
That's 350 downloads!

Not all the people who try your shareware program will order the Full Version, 
I am realistic here.
But suppose only 10% of those users order your software.

Can you make the count? This means 35 sales at $15!

Your profit: $525 in sales minus the $40 Sponsor Ad = a whopping $475!

Are you convinced now of the power of Ezine advertising?

Note: your ads will remain in the online-archive, this means eternal advertising!


1 Standard ad / 1 issue (5 lines, 65 characters): $20.00 

1 Sponsor Position Ad (10 lines, 65 characters, at the top of the Ezine, 
only 1 per month accepted):

After making your payment, you will be automatically taken to a special page 
where you can submit your ad. I'll get back to you within 12- 24 hours, if not 


I do not accept chain letter, racism or hate ads. You will not be refunded 
if you submit them, so please don't! Thanks for understanding. If in doubt, 
send me the ad first via this link and I will get back to you asap.

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