Banner Advertising Service

If you want to lead a steady flow of traffic to your web site, then you can 
put your own advertising banner on this web site. 

Our site gets appr.70.000 page requests every month. The amount of 
visitors increases every month, so this means that you will profit from 
our expanding visitor base. 

Why targeted banner advertising works:

Imagine that you sell a shareware program, and place your ad banner 
on our pages.

All our visitors will see your banner, and since they're already interested in 
shareware (otherwise they wouldn't be here, right? :-) it would take little 
to click your banner, get to your web site and maybe order your 

It is a well known marketing fact that you must get to your audience 
first, before they will come to you.

The size of your banner should be 468 pixels width and 60 pixels high, and 
it's only 25$ to host it here for one month!

Your banner will be placed on a high traffic page. Or you can choose a page 
that fits your banner best by browsing my site.

Just fill in the form below, click the send button, and you'll be automatically 
taken to the payment page. (NOTE: I only accept Paypal payments.)

Your name:

Your Email:

Banner location (enter the complete URL where your 468*60 pixels 
banner on the web so I can get there and download it):
(Or send me your banner as an email attachment.)

Location where your banner should link to:

URL of the page on our web site where you would like to 
see your banner appear: (Optional)

If you have any comments or questions:



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