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"The Newbies Guide To Making Software"
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If you want to be informed about the latest free- and shareware for the Windows platform,
AAA-Software E-zine
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"Dirk, You did it again! In your last issue of your ezine you offered a free 
download about learning how to use a ws-ftp program. I had downloaded 
one of these programs a while again, but didn't understand how to use it. 
And now because of you I have step-by-step directions on how to use it. 
THANK YOU! When I get my web site built and running I would like to
have a sign up link on my site of your ezine subscrption. I want everyone 
that visits my site to know that there really is someone out there that 
REALLY wants to help people like me.
Sincerely, Sue Ciesiolka

"Just needed to compliment you on your recent Newsletter. I'd wish, so 
many of your colleagues would take a leaf out of your E-zine, and realize 
everything in your email was and is for
the benefit of the-client! Thanks 
again, and 'well-done'!" 


"Thanks a lot for your recommendation! AAA-Software Ezine saved me 
hundreds of dollars which I would have otherwise had
to spend. I'm sure
a lot of other subscribers out there appreciate
this too. This was a program 
that I've been looking for for a
LONG time! Take Care, Sincerely."

Lee Benson

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